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Chemistry Faculty

Chemistry and Biochemistry Research

Nripendra Bose

Applications of organic chemistry to microbiology and natural products; green chemistry

Peter Chen

Applications of lasers and OPO’s in chemical measurement; nonlinear Raman spectroscopy

Jean-Marie Dimandja

Advances in the areas of sample preparation and multidimensional gas chromatography

Lisa Hibbard

Photochemistry and characterization of ocular lens proteins using fluorescence and circular dichroism

Kimberly Jackson

Study of therapeutic agents in race-specific hormone refractory prostate cancer

Virgil Payne

The synthesis, characterization and use of mono- and bimetallic cluster compounds as catalysts for small molecule (nitrogen, carbon monoxide, etc.) conversion

Shanina Sanders

New reaction development and mechanistic studies of reactions;  synthesis of tetrahydrofuran derivatives;  the design of new catalytic reactions

Albert Thompson

Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble porphyrins

Leyte Winfield

Study of COX-2 inhibitor structure on cancer cell proliferation; synthesis of inhibitor compounds

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