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Spelman Chemistry Faculty Hibbard

Minor Requirements

Biochemistry Minor

The minor in biochemistry consists of 26 hours.

Required Courses
General Chemistry 111, 112, 111L, 112L (two semesters, with laboratory)
Organic Chemistry 231, 232, 233L, 234L (two semesters, with laboratory)
Biochemistry 311, 312, 313L (two semesters, with one semester of laboratory)

Chemistry Minor

The minor in chemistry consists of 25 hours.

Required Courses
CHE 111, 112, 111L, 112L General Chemistry (two semesters, with laboratory)
CHE 231, 232, 233L, 234L Organic Chemistry (two semesters, with laboratory)
CHE 345 Physical Chemistry (first semester, no lab)

Advanced Chemistry Elective (one semester, with its corresponding laboratory).
CHE 301, 301L Analytical Chemistry
CHE 311, 313L Biochemistry
CHE 421, 421L Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 496, 496L Instrumental Analysis

All Chemistry core courses must be taken initially at Spelman College. Students may repeat one lower level core course (100-200 level) and repeat one upper level core course (300-400) at another institution. Successful completion of these courses with no grade less than “C” is required for graduation as a biochemistry or chemistry minor.  

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