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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry seeks to establish itself as a benchmark in the discipline, serving as a model for educating and training undergraduate students in the chemical sciences within a liberal arts context.

The department strives to create a vibrant learning community focused on promoting academic excellence, research training and scientific discovery as well as lifelong learning. It is united in its vision of providing the best possible learning environment for our students that develops their intellectual, ethical, social consciousness and leadership potential and produces graduates who are well prepared for graduate school, professional school, and future careers.

A student who has successfully completed courses in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry will

1. be able to develop and apply critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills toward problem-solving
2. be able to develop and apply chemical techniques while engaged in scientific investigations
3. demonstrate how to thoroughly search, analyze, and apply scientific literature
4. demonstrate their scientific knowledge through effective oral and written communication

Requirements for Biochemistry, Chemistry
and Dual Degree Engineering Majors

Ten (10) lecture courses in the content area are required of all majors, not including seminar, research, and laboratory courses. Seven laboratory courses in the content area are required.

Courses in the department typically meet four hours a week with laboratory course being 1 credit hour and lecture courses being 3 to 4 credit hours per semester. Most lectures and laboratories are separate courses. Courses with laboratories are typically four total credit hours per semester.

The department offers five chemistry options. All options require two semesters of General Chemistry with lab, two semesters of Organic Chemistry with lab, two Advanced Chemistry electives, and a Senior Undergraduate Seminar in Chemistry. To fulfill the prerequisite requirements, the student must complete the course with a grade of a “C” or higher. Successful completion of all chemistry courses with no grade less than “C” is required for graduation as a chemistry or biochemistry major.

Other required science cognate courses (physics, math, biology) must be completed with no grade less than “C.” Support (cognate) courses include a minimum of two semesters of Calculus and two semesters of Physics (with lab); additional support courses are required for Dual Degree Engineering.

All chemistry majors are encouraged to take additional mathematics and physics courses, especially for students interested in graduate school in physical or analytical chemistry. Undergraduate research is strongly recommended for all chemistry majors. Transfer or equivalent chemistry course credit will be granted only upon the approval of the department.

Major Cognate Courses
PHY 151, 241; MATH 231, 232 for all tracks.

BIO 115, 120 are required for biochemistry majors and recommended for students who plan to enter professional health and allied health programs. 

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