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About Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our Vision Statement

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Spelman College is a premier model for preparing women of African descent to be thought leaders in the chemical and biochemical sciences. We strive to foster an intellectual community of scholars, create innovative and rigorous curriculum, and provide a competitive research environment (circa 2017).

Our History

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry  was a merged department with the Department of Morehouse College from 1969-1977.  In the spring of 1977, due to enrollment pressure at both schools, the respective administrations agreed to dissolve the merger. The Department was officially established in 1977. In June 2004, the Department submitted its curriculum for certification to the  American Chemical Society (ACS)  and was awarded approval in Spring 2005. To date, the Department has grown to include five majors options: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemistry-ACS certification, Chemistry-Teaching certification, and Chemistry-Dual Degree.  

The number of students majoring in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ranges from 60 -120 majors each year. One of the strengths of the Department is having committed teacher-scholars  (13 full-time, five part-time, and two laboratory coordinators) with expertise in the sub-disciplines they teach: Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Currently, we have nine faculty members with research laboratories in Cancer Therapeutics & Natural Products, Green Chemistry, Computational Chemistry & Data Science, Chaperones & Structural Proteins, Chemical Education, Medicinal Chemistry, Multi-dimensional Spectroscopy, Surface Chemistry & Hydrogels, Metabolism & Cell Signaling, and Organic Heterocyclic Compounds.

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  • Agricultural Forensics
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  • Energy Alternative Fuels
  • Biotechnology Advertising
  • Public Health Information Technology
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