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Spelman College Photography Minor

Photography Minor

The photography minor aims to create student storytellers who consider the complicated role that photography plays in contemporary culture. The minor requires students to elevate casual image making to the formal study of the photographic image. It is imperative in this visual age, to teach our students not only visual literacy around photographs, but for the student to command control of their own narrative through active visual storytelling.

The photography minor sequence will allow students to learn both the techniques of the camera, and use this tool as form of self-expression. It is important for women of African descent to explicitly tell their own stories, and the stories of their communities. Having this direct voice, allows for rich and complex narratives to be told.

Courses (18 Credits)
AVC 122 Digital 2D Foundations (3 credits)
AVC 115 Photography Visions (4 credits)
AVC 210 Basic Studio Lighting (3 credits)
AVC 2xx History of Photography (4 credits)

Choose from one of these 2 courses (4 credits)
AVC 212 Documentary Photography
AVC 222 Creative Image: Fictive Photography