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Students Filmmaking

Documentary Filmmaking Senior Thesis

Thursday, April 22, 2021 | 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

  • Virtually (Zoom)

Spelman Documentary Film ThesisJoin the Spelman College Department of Art & Visual Culture for a virtual screening of documentary films created by its first graduating class of directors on Thursday, April 22, at 6:30 p.m.

Seniors Brittany M. Campbell, Alston-Simone E. Bowman, Lauren C. Moseley, Jasmine McCaskill, and Zoe S. Watkins will demonstrate how they embraced and employed the real-world training they received from the distinguished Art & Visual Culture faculty at Spelman. Mosley will graduate with departmental honors as will McCaskill who is a Phi Beta Kappa inductee.

The class of 2021 documentary film majors are more than just the first class to graduate with degrees in documentary filmmaking. They are pioneers, said Ayoka Chenzira, Ph.D., division chair for the arts, founding director of the Digital Moving Image Salon, professor and award-winning filmmaker.

Spelman College Logan Family Foundation Photography and Documentary "As pioneers, the artist scholars worked to produce the films in the midst of a global pandemic and nation-wide shut-down. We are very proud of them."

Funding provided by the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation  - Empowering world-changing work. 

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The Filmmakers and Their Work


Spelman Documentary Film Major Brittany Campbell
Documentary Film Major Brittany Campbell

BREAKING THE CHAINS focuses on the criminal justice system’s effects on Black families. The story takes us through the joys and sorrows of the life progression of DreShawn Spearman, a now rising music executive and top-ranked DJ in the nation.

Producer/Director: Brittany M. Campbell, C'2021
Director of Photography: Lauren Moseley
Editor: Brittany Campbell


Spelman Documentary Film Major Alston Bowman
Spelman Doc Film Major Alston

No longer obscured by the hustle and bustle, the quiet of New York City’s lockdown and the fleeing of New York’s non-permanent residents leads the filmmaker to rediscover the beauty, history, and culture of her neighborhood in Harlem.

Producer/Director: Alston Bowman, C'2021
Director of Photography: Alston Bowman
Editor: Alston Bowman


Spelman Documentary Film Major Jasmine McCaskill
Spelman Documentary Filmmaker Jasmine Mcaskill

There's no telling what can happen when you meet with your memory. In this experimental documentary that intersects past and present to Black girlhood and womanhood, Zoe Hinds and Pamela McKelvy remember their groundbreaking crownings that span nearly 30 years apart and tell of their journeys through the institutions at which they paved the way. 

Co-Producers: Ciara Franklin and Jasmine Rene’ McCaskill
Creative Producer: Jasmine Rene’ McCaskill
Directors of Photography: Khalil Downey, Zoe Watkins, and Jasmine Rene’ McCaskill
Editor: Jasmine Rene’ McCaskill 


Spelman Documentary Film Major Lauren Mosely
Spelman Documentary Film Major Lauren Mosely

Black gun ownership has increased steadily in the last few years. Through the eyes of Phillip Smith, owner of the National African American Gun Association and gun owner, explore why Black Americans are using guns to protect themselves. 

Producer/Director: Lauren Moseley
Director of Photography: Brittany Campbell
Editor: Lauren Moseley 


Spelman Documentary Film Major Zoe Watkins
Spelman Documentary Film Major Zoe Watkins

The film highlights Black American Sign Language and the love for the Deaf Community.  

Producer/Director: Zoe Watkins
Director of Photography: Jasmine McCaskill 
Editors: Zoe Watkins & Noah McMillan