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Curatorial Studies Program

Art Major

The art major supports students in becoming visual thinkers and visual storytellers. It provides students with the technical aspects of making art through mixed media, digital technologies and installations as well as a working knowledge of historical and contemporary art practices.

Through the ARCHE Program, the department also offers opportunities for study at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Georgia State University, Agnes Scott College, Emory University, University of Georgia, and several other visual arts programs throughout the state university system.

Course Sequence

First Year
Division of the Arts Freshman Seminar
Digital Foundations
Materials & Concepts I or II

Second Year
Division of the Arts Sophomore Seminar
Materials & Concepts I or II
Sculpture I
Art History Elective
Photographic Visions

Third Year
Division of the Arts Junior Seminar
Innovation, Art, Technology
Studio Review I
Contemporary Art Making Strategies
Installation Art
Studio Review II (pre-requisite Studio Review I)
Creative Careers

Fourth Year
Division of the Arts Senior Seminar
Art Elective
Art History Elective
Portfolio Criticism I
Portfolio Criticism II (pre-requisite Portfolio Criticism I)

*Internships are a required part of the art major.
**See the department for information on electives.