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Spelman College Graduates

Study Travel Requirements

Students have to be approved for participation in this course. In addition to obtaining a positive faculty recommendation, you will have to fulfill a number of other requirements with regard to immunizations, passports, visas, and forms for clearance from appropriate offices and departments at Spelman College.

A complete list of requirements can be found in Spelman’s International Travel Policy available from the Office of Student Affairs.

In addition to signed permission forms, you will also be required to submit signed health forms, a liability waiver and an acknowledgement of risks form. You will also be required to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Spelman College Study Abroad program.

Class Expectations

In addition to required orientation meetings for all study abroad and travel experiences at Spelman College, this class will meet six times for two hour sessions during the semester before travel each meeting. Dates and times will be announced soon after registration is final.

There will also be 3-5 required academic lectures and 7-10 site visits in country to foster a greater understanding of the material you study before travel.

Quizzes, tests and/or short in-class essays on the required readings will be given each week. A required comprehensive exam on course materials will be given during the last designated class meeting, but not during the orientation session.

The travel component will include approximately 10 days in the country with visits to sites relevant to that country and the specific course learning outcomes.

Post Travel Requirements

Upon return to the U.S. and Spelman College, there will be a mandatory two-hour videotaped session in which course participants will articulate seminal aspects of their experience along with what they have identified as a research goal derived from the travel. The dates for this session will be announced no later than two weeks after return.  

Required Assignments

  • Videotaped* guided group discussion/project/presentation after return for archives – 20%
  • Reflective Journals on lectures and guided tours -20%
  • Quizzes, short essays and comprehensive exam on course readings before the trip -- 25%
  • Two-three page paper proposing a topic for research that will be conducted or realized in subsequent academic, service, or professional work after return -15%
  • Attendance/Participation (on-campus and in country) 20%

Calendar of On-Campus Meetings

  • Class Meeting #1 The Past: Blacks in Britain and Early Migrations
  • Class Meeting #2 The U.K. and the Transatlantic Moment
  • Class Meeting #3 Slavery, Colonialism and Imperialism
  • Class Meeting#4 Abolition and Pan African Conversations in the U.K.
  • Class Meeting #5 Postcolonial Diasporas, Transnationalism and Identity
  • Class Meeting #6 Globalization, Tourism, and the Environment