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Spelman College Graduates

Study Travel to London and Liverpool

Students in our short term study abroad courses examine issues of migration, displacement, community formation and identity in specific geographic sites.

In making globalized connections between Europe, Africa and its diasporas, these courses offer new, informed and interdisciplinary perspectives on issues shaping the world today. With the opportunity to explore interests and fascinations through travel, these courses enable students to challenge preconceptions, to discover and discard values, and develop a greater sense of global citizenship.

Student Learning Outcomes

 At the end of this course, students will be able to do the following:

  • Explain and outline the historic processes of migration and community formation for African and African descended people in the United Kingdom with particular attention to London and Liverpool.
  • Observe and reflect, through reflective journaling, upon the current, evident demographics of African and African –descended people in both cities and relate them to contemporary issues of Black British identity.
  • Identify and outline, for African descended people in London and Liverpool, transnational interactions and practices in relation to nation, citizenship, heritage tourism and expatriate policies.
  • Expand and assess the role played by both London and Liverpool in the history of the Transatlantic trade, slavery, abolition, and imperialism.
  • In the context of this specific geopolitical site, explain and assess the historic and contemporary manifestations of globalization and its social, political and environmental consequences.
  • Effectively prepare and present a diaspora-related research proposal with strategies and ideas for implementation beyond the course.

What is Expected of Students Enrolled in the ADW Study Travel Courses?