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LINCS Scholar

Jamila Eatman, C’2022

Jamila EatmanJamila Eatman is a rising junior enrolled in the dual degree engineering and environmental science program at Spelman College. Prior to entering Spelman, her investment into environmental monitoring and advancement took form in middle school as she began participating in city-wide science fairs. From acid rain experiments to understanding emerging “green” technologies, she has developed a greater understanding of how science and engineering can meet to protect the environment. Most recently Eatman conducted research with the International Institute of Nanotechnology REU program at Northwestern University. She contributed greatly to the work and was honored to be included as a co-author of a peer reviewed study published in the American Chemical Society Applied Materials and Interfaces journal.

As she continues in academia, Eatman seeks to be a humanitarian engineer -- one who creates positive change to protect the environment and advance water decontamination systems for communities who lack access to clean water. She looks forward to earning her terminal degree within the realm of nanotechnology for the environment and water while becoming a faculty member at a leading research institution.

She deeply understands the need for more young women of color to enter the field of environmental sciences and nanotechnology. Her commitment to public service and community engagement is at the forefront of her mission as a scholar within this field. Her immersion in science was sustained by mentors who believed in her curiosity, and she hopes she can inspire young people in the same way.


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