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LINCS Scholar

Hannah Price, C’2021

Spelman LINCS Scholar Hannah PriceHannah Price is a biology student from Lexington, Kentucky. She aspires to obtain an M.D./Ph.D., with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases. Understanding the ways in which her research can inform clinical practice would allow her to provide optimal patient care to populations that are at a greater risk for neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Price will satisfy her career aspirations by addressing three of the greatest challenges in neuro-degenerative disease research:  the neurodegenerative disease itself, the ways in which the disease affects the body, and one’s quality of life associated with the disease. As a scientist, she will conduct research on physiological and sociological variables that contribute to health disparities. As both a physician and scientist, she would rely on the reciprocal nature of research and clinical practice to ensure optimal patient care, as the research conducted in the lab will create tangible advances in modern medicine driven by empirical research.


LINCS Scholars Program

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