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LINCS Scholars Program

The LINCS (Living and Learning in an Interdisciplinary Networked Community of STEM Scholars) Program was launched at Spelman College in Fall 2015. Formerly known as a Living and Learning Community (L2C) for Biomedical Scholars, the LINCS Scholars Program in short, was designed to prepare women of African descent for careers in the biomedical sciences by creating cohorts of STEM scholars, with strong and lasting bonds, who would move together up the academic and career ladder.

Who Are LINCS Scholars?

LINCS Scholars are two-year cohorts of women scientists at Spelman College, who aspire to become leaders in STEM who are able to contribute dynamic science and perspective to a growing STEM field. Most of our LINCS Scholars reside in Laura Spelman Residence Hall, a social justice dorm on Spelman’s campus.               

As we emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic, the LINCS program seeks to re-engage our scholars and renew the community bonds to ensure that together they can achieve their STEM career goals. This past academic year, we welcomed our fifth cohort of LINCS Scholars.

The LINCS Scholars Program at Spelman is led and directed by Dr. Kimberly Jackson, chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry, associate professor, and co-director of the Food Studies Program, and Dr. Mentewab Ayalew, associate professor of Biology.


Quick Points

  • The LINCS Scholars Program is a Living and Learning in an Interdisciplinary Networked Community of STEM Scholars.

  • The goal of the program is to improve access to STEM research careers for women of color by leveraging professional and social networks through social justice empowerment.

  • LINCS Scholars are two-year cohorts of STEM students who are interested in careers in biomedical sciences.

  • The 2023-2025 cohort of LINCS Scholars are the fifth and current cohort.

  • Interested students should be sophomores, juniors, and seniors majoring in STEM disciplines at Spelman College.

  • LINCS Scholars will participate in monthly meetings with directors and their fellow scholars to include workshops as well as bonding activities and trips.


LINCS Scholars Program

Kimberly Jackson, Ph.D.



Mentewab Ayalew, Ph.D. 


Patrice Cuff, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator


Our Goals

Our program’s goal is to improve access to STEM careers for women of color through intentional professional development and social justice empowerment, while addressing the critical need for a diverse and talented STEM workforce.

The aim of the LINCS Scholars Program is accomplished through the establishment of a Living and Learning Community of scholars with signature programmatic activities that provide: Mentoring and development sessions, enable the scholars to leverage peer-peer and peer-outside networks, and help the scholars understand and navigate higher education as a Black woman in science.