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Caribbean Summer Study Abroad Program

Caribbean Summer Study Abroad Program

Students Become Immersed in Caribbean Culture

Students Travel to Trinidad and Tobago for Study ProgramTen Spelman students across academic disciplines spent one month studying at the University of West Indies, St. Augustine, in Trinidad and Tobago as part of the Trinidad and Tobago Study Travel Program.

Under the guidance of professors Kathleen Phillips-Lewis and James Gillam (retired), Ashley Amadi, C’2016, Amber Banks, C'2015, Abby Cooke, C'2015, Morgan Jefferson, C'2015, Lakesha Jones, C’2016, Jasmine Mitchell, C'2017, Kiara Moore, C'2016, Bajia Reed, C’2016, Jaleesa Schoolfield, C20'17, and Jordan Watters, C’2015, traveled to Trinidad and Tobago.

While there, they took courses in Caribbean civilization and festival drama and society; learned about Trinidad Mas, an important aspect of Carnival; and created their own masks from scratch using cardboard and construction paper. They also learned how to play the steel pan, the country’s national instrument; visited the National Museum and Art Gallery, Lopinot settlement and Maracas Bay in Trinidad; and toured Fort King George and Fort James in Tobago.

"This program is always highly anticipated by students who have historical roots in the Caribbean, or who have studied the Caribbean briefly. The program is structured in such a way as to hold appeal for students from any discipline.” – Dr. Kathleen Phillips Lewis

Program Features

Four-week program at The University of West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago.

Classes commence in June. During the four week session, students will take two  classes: Caribbean Civilizations, and Festival Arts of the Caribbean. They will receive six credits for these courses.

Students will attend classes Monday through Thursday. Fridays will be devoted to field trips including a one weekend (two days) field trip to the sister island of Tobago which is markedly different from Trinidad in ethnic composition, economic base, and historical experience.