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Spelman Going Global

Protocol for International Travel

As part of the College's risk management strategies to ensure health and safety of every member of the Spelman Community traveling abroad, we have continued to adhere to the U.S. State Department travel advisories.

Step1: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

We require every faculty, staff and student traveling abroad to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), a free service offered by the Bureau of Consular Affairs which enable travelers to receive security warnings and alerts, locate them in an emergency, and enable family and friends to contact them in an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest, or family emergency.


Step 2: International Travel Authorization Form/Health & Insurance Policy

For effective tracking of international travels, assessment of travel destinations, and eligibility for coverage under Spelman's health and accident insurance policy for international travel, we require that for each travel, every member of the Spelman Community must complete the International Travel Authorization Form.

The traveler must have the destination address and contact phone number ready before completing the form. Normally, the College does not approve travels to destinations on the U.S. State Department warning lists.

The International Travel Authorization Form is required to request advance approval for each international travel. Failure to complete this form and seek approval prior to travel will result in the traveler not being covered under Spelman’s health and accident insurance policy for international travel.

Where applicable, reimbursement for expenses related to the travel will not be approved without prior approval. Once the approval is granted, the traveler will receive both the summary of benefits and an ID card document issued by ACE American Insurance Company from the Gordon-Zeto Center.

Complete the International Travel Authorization Form at least one week prior to travel.
(Your network login username and Lotus password are required)

Step 3: Travel Guides Under the Current Travel Ban Policy

In response to some travel difficulties members of our community have experienced under the controversial travel ban, we have developed separate travel guides for faculty, staff and students traveling abroad as a strategy to ensure a smooth traveling experience (to the extent possible), minimize interrogation by immigration officials and show how the College can provide legal support, if necessary. 

Faculty traveling abroad are advised to carry with them an employment verification letter which would be provided by the Provost Office once the Provost has approved your International Travel Authorization form. 

For staff members, an employment verification letter would be provided by the Office of Human Resources once the International Travel Authorization form has been approved by your divisional vice president  

For students, the Registrar would provide you with an enrollment verification letter once the International Travel Authorization form has been approved by the Associate Provost for Global Education. 

For each international travel, the College advises faculty and staff take along their respective travel guide and employment verification letter. 

For students, they are advised to take along their travel guide and enrollment verification letter for each international travel. 

Student Travel Guide    Faculty Travel Guide