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Text, Technology, and Pedagogy Faculty Development Workshop Series

Workshop 1: Click and Capture: Clickers and Falling in Love with the Text, October 7 2010; January 25, 2011

This workshop was designed to assist those who considered using Interactive Response Systems (Clickers) in their classrooms. The workshop discussed the advantages and disadvantages, best practices, and ways Clickers are used to engage and assess student learning. Participants learned how to use the system, collect responses, and display results graphically using PowerPoint. Participants were also asked to think about how clickers might be used to cultivate a community of engaged learners.

Workshop II: Texts of Popular Culture: The Tupac Shakur Collection (Co-sponsored by The Spelman College History Department), October 22, 2010; March 25, 2011

This workshop was geared to those interested in art as process, in the way music and story-telling merge, and in Art and Black Masculinities. With a focus on the Tupac Shakur Collection, the workshop highlighted the use of primary resource materials as a part of classroom interaction. The workshop was interdisciplinary and showed uses for primary resources in a variety of subject areas. Participants browsed the collection and discussed opportunities to integrate this and other collections into course design.

Workshop III: Visual Literacy: Tools for Teaching and Learning with Images, December 2, 1010; May 5, 2011

A vast array of digital images, maps, and graphing options are available on the World Wide Web today, but arbitrary instructional use of images can confuse learners and reduce their understanding of subject content. This workshop provided an interdisciplinary survey of visual resources for education with a focus on open-access solutions for teaching. Participants learned how to acquire and manage digital images and graphics with tools such as Flickr and ARTstor, and considered related issues such as visual learning styles, copyright, and fair use. This workshop was cosponsored by National Institute for Technology in Libera education (NITLE), Woodruff Library, Spelman College TRRC,and Title III.

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