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Storytelling: A Tool for Interdisciplinary Collaboration, June 1-3, 2011

Participants: Spelman -- Bahati Kuumba/Comparative Women Studies, Aditi Pai/Biology, Pushpa Parekh/English, Sandra Patterson/Psychology, Christine Sizemore/English, Daryl White/Sociology and Anthropology, Al-Yasha Williams/Philosophy and Religion, Unislawa Williams/Political Science; Tuskegee -- Adaku Ankumah, Ralphenia D. Pace; Morehouse -- Anne Borden, Stephanie Dunn; Xavier (XULA) -- Florastina Payton-Stewart, Jason S. Todd; Dillard -- Lovell Agnaramgbo; Bennett -- Valerie Ann Johnson; North Carolina A&T -- Mia Mitchell; Hampton - Michelle Penn-Marshall.

Spelman TRRC Facilitators: Kimberly Jackson/Bio-Chemistry, Mona Phillips/Sociology and Anthropology, Patricia Ventura/English.

Do you have a story to tell? We all do.  How do we tell it? And to whom?  Do we tell our stories by inscribing it on our bodies, in our journals, in poetry and creative writing, in collages, in dance, in art, in song or spoken word, in dramatic performances, in body language facial expressions,in photographs or videos, in our use of technology?

And did you know that storytelling can be a powerful and effective way to communicate meaning across disciplines?

The “Storytelling: A Tool for Interdisciplinary Collaboration” workshop was designed to encourage teaching collaborations across the disciplines (including Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and the Humanities). This TRRC sponsored workshop focused on the presence and importance of storytelling (including quantitative, spatial, qualitative and narrative “stories”) across and between all disciplines. Dr. Adam J. Banks, author of Digital Griots, joined us as we explored the integration of technology, interdisciplinarity, and storytelling as tools for teaching and learning.

Applicants were encouraged to consider the following questions as a guide to choosing participation in this workshop:

  • Do I often use storytelling (or stories) to clarify or situate a lesson?
  • Have I considered developing the untapped narrative possibilities within my discipline/my course?
  • Do I enjoy exploring the use of technology in my teaching or research?
  • Do I want to design a course module or revise my course approach using story to “think across disciplines?”
  • Am I currently engaged in a collaborative teaching project that could be enhanced by the workshop?

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Storytelling Workshop Flyer 

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