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Ida B Wells

Books & Films

We have books you can touch, and those you can touch and slide (2 iPads). Books and iPads can be checked out by contacting the TRRC administrative assistant at 404-270-5032.

Also included in our list below are some of the books read and discussed by faculty in our programs, workshops, and seminars. Items available in our library are indicated by the following sign after the item listing: (L)

Interesting thoughts about reading …

Recommended Reading

Alexander, M. Jacqui.  (2005). Pedagogies of Crossing: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred. Raleigh, N.C.:  Duke University Press. (L)

Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo. (2010). Racism Without Racists: Color Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States. New York: Rowan & Littlefield Publishers Inc.

Brown-Glaude, Winifred ed. (2009). Doing Diversity in Higher Education: Faculty Leaders Share Challenges and Strategies. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

Committee on Prospering in the Global Economy of the 21st Century.  (2007).    Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future. National  Academies Press. (L)

Doane, Woody, and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva eds. (2003). White-Out: The Continuing Significance of Racism. New York: Routledge Press.

Du Bois, W.E.B., Herbert Aptheker ed. (2001). The Education of Black People: Ten Critiques 1906-1960. New York: Monthly Review Press.

Edge, John T.  (2007). The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Vol.7: Foodways. Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press. (L)

Gallien, Louis B., Marshalita Sims Peterson. (2005).  Instructing & Mentoring African American College Student. New York: Allyn & Bacon. (L)

Gore, Al.  (2008).  The Assault on Reason. New York: Penguin Group. (L)

Gumport, Patricia J. Ed. (2007). Sociology of Higher Education: Contributions and their Contexts. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press.  (L)

Guy-Sheftal, Beverly. (2000). Daughters of Sorrow: Attitudes Toward Black Women 1880-1920. New York: Carlson Publishing.

Harding, Sandra. (1998). Is Science Multicultural? : Postcolonialisms, Feminisms, and Epistemologies (Race, Gender, and Science). Bloomington: Indiana University Press. (L)

Hofstadter, Richard. (1966).   Anti-Intellectualism in American Life. New York: Random House. (L)

hooks, bell.  (1994).   Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. New York: Routledge Press. (L)

Hubbard, Ruth.  (1990).  The Politics of Women’s Biology. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.(L)

Huber, Mary Taylor, Pat Hutchings, & Lee S. Shulman. (2005).  The Advancement Of Learning: Building The Teaching Commons .  San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass/The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. (L)

Imhoff, Daniel,  Michael Pollan.  (2007). Food Fight: The Citizen’s Guide to a Food and Farm Bill. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: Watersbed Media & University of California Press. (L)

Jacoby, Susan.  (2004). Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism. New York: Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt & Company. (L)

Jacoby,Susan.  (2009).   The Age of American Unreason. New York: Vintage Books, Random House. (L)

King, Wilma, Linda Reed, with Darlene Clark Hine editor. (1995). We Specialize in the Wholly Impossible: A Reader in Black Women’s History. New York, NY: NYU Press. 

Klindienst, Patricia.  (2007). The Earth Knows My Name Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic Americans. Boston, Mass.: Beacon Press. (L)

Lattuca, Lisa R. (2001). Creating Interdisciplinarity: Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching among College and University Faculty. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt Press.

Madison, D. Soyini. (1994). The Woman That I Am: The Literature and Culture of Contemporary Women of Color. New York: St. Martin’s Press. 

Mills, Charles W. (1997) The Racial Contract. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Moya, Paula M.L., & Michael Hames-García. (2000).  Reclaiming Identity: Racial Theory and the Predicament of Postmodernism. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. (L)

Nilson, Linda B. (2010).  Teaching at Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Jossey Bass. (L)

Peter, Chapman. (2007).   Bananas!: How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World. New York: Canongate. (L)

Prashad, Vijay. (2011). Karma of Brown Folk. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press.

Reding, Nick. (2009).   Methland:  The Death and Life of an American Small Town. New York: Bloomsbury. (L)

Reynolds, Nedra.  (2006).   Portfolio Teaching: A Guide for Instructors. Bedford/St. Martin’s. (L)

Roberts, Paul. (2008). The End of Food. New York: Houghton Mifflin. (L)

Roberts, Wayne.  (2008).  The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food. New Internationalist Publications, LTD, (L)

Rosser, Sue Vilhauer.  (1986). Teaching Health & Science from a Feminist Perspective: A Practical Guide. Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier Science & Technology. (L)

Rosser, Sue Vilhauer.  (1995). Teaching the Majority: Breaking the Gender Barrier in Science, Mathematics & Engineering. New York, NY: Teachers College Press. (L)

Rosser, Sue Vilhauer. (1997). Re-Engineering Female Friendly Science. New York, NY: Teachers College Press. (L)

Said, Edward W. (1993). Culture and Imperialism.  New York, NY: Vintage/Random House.

Sullivan, William M., Matthew S. Rosin, Lee S. Shulman, Gary D. Fenstermacher. (2008) A New Agenda for Higher Education: Shaping a Life of the Mind for Practice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass/The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. (L)

Tannahill, Reay.  (1988). Food in History. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press. (L)

Trouillot, Michel-Rolph. (1997). Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History. Boston, Mass: Beacon Press. (L)

Wells –Barnett, Ida B. (2010 edition). The Red Record – Tabulated Statistics and Alleged Causes of Lynching in the United States. Qontro Classic Books.

Wells, Ida. B; Jacqueline Jones Royster ed. (1996). Southern Horrors and Other Writings:  The Anti-Lynching Campaign of Ida B. Wells 1892-1900. New York, NY: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

Wilson, Edward O. (1999). Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge. New York, NY: Alfred Knopf/ Vintage Books, Random House.

Wise, Tim J. (2008). Speaking Treason Fluently: Anti-Racist Reflections From an Angry White Male. Berkeley, CA: Soft Skull Press. 

Recommended Films

From Swastika to Jim Crow: Jewish Refugee Scholars in the American South. (2010). Pacific Street Films.

Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice. (1989). >California Newsreel /William Greaves. (L)

Service-Learning Course Design: What Faculty Need to Know. (2010). Magna Publications Inc. (L)

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