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COVID Path Forward

Protocols for a Positive COVID-19 Test Result for Students

The following guidelines identify the process that Spelman College will follow in the event a residential or a commuter student tests positive for COVID-19.

Campus Communication

Medical confidentiality and privacy will be maintained and only released to staff who hold a legitimate educational interest in such information.

COVID Test Vial-blueOnce a student tests positive for COVID-19, the following offices will be notified and provided with the student’s identity:

  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Undergraduate Studies Office
  • Housing & Residence Life Office (for residential students)

Other offices may be notified of a positive COVID-19 case without identifying information.

  • Human Resources office if faculty or staff have been exposed to a COVID-positive student.

Community members who have been exposed to COVID-positive person will be notified of their exposure, but no identifying information for that individual will be released to them.

Protocols for Commuter Students

Commuter students who test positive for COVID-19 will be evaluated by Student Health Services. The health and safety protocols along with isolation details will be discussed with the student at that time. While in isolation, the student will be monitored by a member of the health services team via telemedicine.

All commuter students who test positive must refrain from coming to campus for a minimum of 10 days. Students cannot return to campus until they have been cleared by Student Health Services.

Students tested off-campus who receive a positive COVID test result should report that result as soon as possible to Spelman Student Health Services. Once that information is received. the above protocol will go into effect. It is imperative that students notify Student Health Services as soon as possible to help contain the virus by activating the above protocol and the contact tracing process.

Please Note: COVID Testing for Commuter Students

Commuter students are required to follow the same testing protocols as residential students. Please see the COVID Testing Protocols to determine how often you are to report for testing. Thank you!

Protocols for Residential Students

Quarantine Spelman College Student Health Services will manage quarantine and isolation requirements for students based on current CDC guidelines and recommendations.

Students who need to isolate or quarantine will receive a “Suggested Packing List” and information about meals and a meal delivery schedule by email as they are assigned.

The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, with assistance from Asst. Vice President/Dean of Students will be the primary points of contact for any student who is required to isolate or quarantine. The Associate Vice President will:

  • Contact the Academic Deans so that an academic plan can be established.
  • Discuss resources with the student, including counseling accessibility, dining, class navigation, etc.

Laura Spelman Hall and MacVicar Hall will be used for quarantine and isolation. Laura Spelman Hall has microwave/refrigerator combination units in each room. MacVicar Hall has one shared refrigerator and microwave for use by any students assigned there. Both halls require students to share bathroom facilities.

  • Isolated students will share a bathroom with other isolated students.
  • Quarantined students will share a bathroom with other quarantined students.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the communal bathrooms and high touch areas occurs daily. Trash is collected and disposed of daily.

Items Provided in Quarantine/Isolation Rooms

  • Bed, Desk, Dresser, Closet
  • Disposable Bed Linens, additional sets can be requested as needed online
  • Disposable Towels
  • Internet access through ethernet connection or WIFI
  • Cable through Xfinity On-Campus Streaming Service
  • A roster of “Important College Phone Numbers”

Student Expectations for Quarantine or Isolation

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  • Students may not leave their assigned isolation/quarantine suite until the isolation/quarantine period has ended, based on explicit clearance from Student Health Services.
  • Students leaving their assigned isolation/quarantine suite without clearance from Student Health Services could result in a violation of the student code of conduct.
  • Students may not return to in-person classes or their permanent room assignment.

Specific Responsibilities

Spelman Student Health Services

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Spelman Student Health Services will:

  • Alert a student of any positive test results.
  • Communicate to offices previously identified to institute COVID-19 Quarantine/Isolation Protocol.
  • Notify students who have been exposed to a COVID-positive person.
  • Coordinate contact tracing, in collaboration with Morehouse School of Medicine Epidemiologist.
  • Initiate mandatory isolation and/or quarantine for students.
  • Manage virtual contact with students throughout the isolation/quarantine period.
  • Inform students and other appropriate offices when students are permitted to leave quarantine/isolation.

Spelman Housing & Residence Life

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Spelman Housing and Residence Life will:

  • Manage isolation/quarantine assignments, including card access.
  • Coordinate relocation of students and belongings when reassigned to isolation or quarantine.
  • Provide student with a copy of resource information related to processes while in quarantine/isolation.
  • Coordinate notification about student in quarantine/isolation to Aramark Dining Services for meal delivery and Facilities and Management Services for cleaning and maintenance needs.

Spelman Facilities and Management Services

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Spelman College Facilities and Management Services will:

  • Coordinate cleaning and supplies in all isolation/quarantine spaces.
  • Manage trash removal for occupied quarantine and isolation rooms.
  • Manage cleaning of residence hall room and community spaces in student’s permanently assigned residence hall.

Aramark Dining Services

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Aramark Dining Services will:

  • Provide Snack Pack to students with non-perishable items, water, juice etc. that will be provided with the first meal delivery.
  • Provide meals to students in Q/I, with delivery to the students’ rooms 3 times daily for each respective meal period (Monday – Friday) and twice daily on weekends.
  • Because the weekend meal schedule is a brunch/dinner schedule, dining staff will provide additional items such as fruit, danish, etc., with dinner to satisfy the student until the brunch is delivered the next day.

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