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Finding Your PLACE:  Professional Skills

Recent Event

Jan. 21-22 | Current students connect with Spelman women leaders from their various industries

Master Class Interviewing Skills

Upcoming Programs and Events

Experiential Transcript
The experiential transcript is intended to capture a student’s personal journey and provide a holistic view of the student’s skills and abilities.

Internship Day
Virtual Showcases for students to share activities from their structured, high impact internships through poster and oral presentations.

Mentorship Opportunities
The Sister2Sister Alumnae Professional Mentoring Program will be expanded to address the unmet demand for career mentors.

Mentor Spaces
An online service to allow alumnae and students to connect with each other, based on industry interest. This complement to the Sister2Sister Program will enable faster and more structured connections between students and alumnae.

Career Influencer Identity and Showcase
Opportunities for students to learn about life and career choices, such as:

  1. Guided Conversations on engaging topics, e.g., “Women in the Workplace” and “Achieving Life Balance.”
  2. Share “real-life” personal and career journeys via print, digital and social media. As an extension of our traditional print media alumnae profiles, such as in the Spelman Messenger, establish digital and social media outlets for regular placement of alumnae profiles.