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Yoga Literature Art Camp 2018

Yoga, Literature and Art Camp at Spelman

The Yoga, Literature and Art (YLA) Camp for Teen Girls at Spelman aims to create a powerful educational experience for girls ages 13-17 to connect to themselves and others through daily yoga practice. Throughout the camp, teen girls study culturally relevant literature from writers ranging from Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou to Audre Lorde and Sandra Cisneros, and create art that honors their personal journeys. Ultimately, the camp provides girls the opportunity to engage with both literature and art through an embodied means, connecting content and experience kinetically through the practice of yoga.

Founded in 2013 by director Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D., C’2001, the camp began as a case study that fed into Roberts’ research within educational studies involving women of color, youth, embodied practices and literature. A well-known Atlanta yoga instructor and former public school teacher, Roberts invited fellow yoga teacher-friends like co-director Octavia Raheem to assist her with starting a camp that would incorporate yoga, literature and art to help girls connect with their personal voice and lived experiences throughout the two-week session.

“The goal of this camp is to provide a space that is intentional and celebrates creativity while facilitating a space to celebrate oneness,” Roberts said. “We’re creating a space for agency and autonomy. I see a growth in creativity so much more than I did as a public school teacher. The girls are learning to cultivate their voice through words and yoga.”

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YLA Camp

2018 Camp Photos

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