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Wellness Curriculum

The Wellness Curriculum offers classes for course credit that focus on mind, body and spirit activities, such as women’s wellness for life, yoga, women’s fitness boxing, self-defense for women, basketball for wellness, and beginning swimming, to name a few. The courses offered are deliberate in their design as a response to the health disparities and public health concerns Black women face, including the staggering statistics around Black women and drowning, women’s health issues across the life cycle, high instances of stress and anxiety in Black women and the disproportionately high rate of assault among college-age women.


Additionally, the Wellness Curriculum courses at Spelman College teach students how to incorporate physical activity into their day-to-day lives, teaching them exercise adherence and helping them develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Each student is required to take two wellness classes for pass/fail credit in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.

Some of our wellness curriculum classes include:
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  • Yoga and Meditation I & II
  • Self-Defense for Women
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Walking and Jogging
  • Beginning Swimming
  • Advanced Swimming
  • Beginning Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Women's Fitness Boxing
  • Beginning Spin

Wellness Curriculum Class Descriptions

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Basketball for Wellness
The purpose of this course is to teach students the specific skills and/or techniques of basketball. Students will learn how to dribble, pass, shoot, pick, roll, and appropriate footwork. Students will learn individual as well as team skills. Through game play, this class will teach students about the concepts of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Beginning Spin
This course is designed for the student who wishes to focus on cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. Classes are equipped with the state-of-the-art stationary bikes that provide a high-intensity, low-impact workout designed to improve students’ cardiovascular fitness. Students will become knowledgeable in zone training and how to train with their heart rates. They will also learn how to properly fit a bike in order to prevent common injuries. This course will incorporate the latest technology to measure cycling performance, motivating students to work hard. Students will also design and lead the class in several rides throughout the semester.

Beginning Swimming
This course is designed to introduce students to basic water skills and strokes including breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl/freestyle, basic water safety, and to promote an environment of feeling comfortable in water. The course will cover the introduction to water skills, fundamental aquatic skills, stroke development and stroke improvement.

Beginning Tennis
This course is designed to expose beginner players to the fundamentals of tennis. The course focuses on the basic stroke technique of tennis and its application, history, rules, scoring, court courtesies, use of equipment, and strategies for singles and doubles play.

Cardiovascular Conditioning
This course is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and flexibility through structured group fitness and individualized cardiorespiratory exercises. Basic nutritional guidelines and healthy living information will also contribute to overall health and wellness for the student in this course. This course emphasizes improved cardiorespiratory conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Intermediate/Advance Swimming
This course is designed for the intermediate/advance level swimmer. Swimmers are expected to know the basics of the freestyle stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. The course will focus on general conditioning and improving stroke techniques. Pre-requisite: Must have taken a beginning swimming class.

Self-defense for Women

A beginning level course designed to build self-defense techniques, tactics, and awareness. Students will learn the importance of maintaining fitness levels, recognizing, assessing, and responding to potentially real world situations. Students will be demonstrate and develop skills in situational awareness, acquire skills for attack response, close range/far range combat, falling safety, escape techniques, and safe training practices.

Strength Training for Wellness

Assessments of components of physical fitness and wellness are covered throughout a woman’s life cycle.
These components include cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, stress and nutrition. Students then utilize the information ascertained to assist them in the preparation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This course is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and flexibility through power walking, jogging and running. Basic nutritional guidelines and healthy living information will also contribute to overall health and wellness for the student in this course. Students then utilize the information ascertained to assist them in the preparation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Water Fitness
Water Fitness is designed to introduce students to low impact aquatic aerobic conditioning, emphasizing cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance conditioning through basic swimming techniques and rhythmic exercise patterns. Students will also learn about basic water safety.

Women Fitness Boxing
The purpose of this class is to provide the student with beginning level of knowledge and skills in beginning boxing. Note: This course includes forms of movement that may contain physical body-to-body contact in various ways, such as hitting, punching, jabbing, etc. However, this is an introductory course with the emphasis placed on executing proper skills and movements and not the contact itself. Excessive force, violence, or aggression are not required or expected and will NOT be tolerated. There will be controlled, monitored sparring, but NO HARD PUNCHING will be permitted at any time and student safety will be paramount.

Women’s Wellness for Life
Students learn how the path to health is built or diminished over the lifespan. This course dispels the theory that wellness for women is series of discreet steps, but rather, an integrated continuum of exposures, experiences, and interactions. Students will be taught women’s wellness through the life cycle: from adolescence, to young adulthood, to mature-aged women. Students are taught how environmental, genetic and community-based factors can have a profound effect on Black women’s health through their lifespan and how students' choices today influence tomorrow’s health and well-being.

Yoga and Meditation
Introductory yoga and meditation techniques will be introduced to develop flexibility, strength, joint stability, balance, and wholeness of being. Students will gain an understanding of the relationship between the mind and body and the importance of yoga and meditation in promoting health and reducing stress.

Yoga and Meditation Level II
Yoga and Meditation II is designed for those who have taken or have the expertise in Yoga and Meditation Level I. This class is for students who have an understanding of the basic yoga postures, and have begun to explore a wider variety of poses and styles. Students should understand the relationship between breath and movement and should be interested in advancing to the intermediate level. More advanced postures and sequences are introduced requiring a bit more strength, stamina, and flexibility. Students are required to take Yoga and Meditation class prior to this class. Prerequisite - SWEL 102-Yoga and Meditation.

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