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Rules and Regulations

The Spelman College Wellness Center at Read Hall is for use by Spelman College faculty, staff and students at this time.   Members of the Aquatics and Wellness Center are required to present a valid Spelman ID on entering the building and comply with rules and regulations set forth in this document.. Changes and updates to these policies, rules and regulations will be posted in the facility.

Facility Rules
The Wellness Center and tennis courts are Read Hall is open to Spelman College faculty, staff and students only.

Lockers are provided on a per visit basis only. The Wellness Center is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles. Locks left on lockers overnight will be cut off and clothing donated to charity. Members must provide their own: workout towel, soap, wearing apparel (per dress code) and locks for lockers. Members may not bring weapons, alcohol, or drugs on the premises. Members may not perform any personalized training with any member or non-member without the prior written consent of the Wellness Center.   Appropriate workout attire must be worn at all times. No exposed metal on clothing. No open–toed or –heeled shoes allowed.

Yoga Tree PoseCheck In Policy
All members, upon entering the Wellness Center, are required to present their Spelman ID card to gain entrance into the facility.

Membership Card
Your membership card to access the Wellness Center is your Spelman ID card and may be used by the member to whom the card is issued. If your Spelman card is lost, a replacement may be issued by the College for a nominal fee.  All members, upon entering the Wellness Center, are required to present their Spelman ID to gain entrance into the facility.

Medical Analysis
Member hereby represents and warrants that he or she is physically sound and that he or she has medical approval to proceed with a normal routine of exercise. The Wellness Center is relying on the determination of the member and member’s physician as to member’s fitness to use the facilities and equipment of The Wellness Center and participation in a physical exercise program. Any member that has not been medically approved by a physician to participate in an exercise program cannot and should not use the Wellness Center’s equipment. 

Damage to Facility
Member agrees to pay an extra charge for damages caused by the member arising from any careless use of equipment, or dropping weights, etc.

Violation of Regulations & Rules
All members and guests shall be subject to strict compliance with all Regulations and Rules. Failure by any member or guest to so comply shall permit The Wellness Center to revoke their membership and immediately terminate all of member’s privileges and the Wellness Center’s obligations under this agreement. 


Aquatic Rules and Regulations

Pool Guidelines for Your Health and Safety

  • Obey the lifeguard at all times!
  • For the safety and comfort of everyone using the facility, only one-piece swimsuits and /or swimsuits that cover the midriff, are permitted to be worn in the pool. Additionally, water shoes or flip flops must been worn while on the pool deck. Athletic shoes are strictly prohibited.   
  • No person is permitted to use the pool without first taking a warm-water shower with soap.
  • No person with an obvious communicable disease, skin eruption, cut sore or lesion, eye, ear, nose or throat infection is permitted to use any public swimming pool.
  • Spitting or spouting of water, blowing the nose, or any similar activity in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.
  • No running, boisterous noise or rough play, except during supervised water sports, is permitted in the pool or in the dressing rooms.
  • Diving, flips or jumping backwards into the pool is NOT permitted.
  • Hanging or swimming over the lane lines is prohibited.
  • The consumption of gum, food or drinks, with the exception of water, is NOT permitted in pool area. Glass bottles are strictly forbidden.
  • Water wings, life jackets and other swim aids are permitted.
  • Non-swimmers are strongly encouraged to remain in the shallow end of the pool. Exceptions will be made for individuals enrolled in a scheduled instructional class.
  • Pool toys may be permitted or restricted at the lifeguard's discretion.
  • Please return all items used for fitness or leisure to the lifeguard.
  • The Aquatics Center is subject to close at any time due to inclement weather and/or maintenance concerns.

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