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Guidelines and Policies

How to Uphold the Rules of the Facility

  • Read, understand and follow all rules, expectations and posted signs.
  • Observe all the posted equipment instructions and warnings.
  • If there is a piece of equipment you do not know how to use, ask for assistance.

When Using a Piece of Equipment Someone Else is Using

  • Ask if you can “work in between their sets.” If they say, "no," please be patient and wait.
  • Acceptable reasons for denying an individual's “may I work in?” request include the following:
    - Two or more individuals are already using the equipment.
    - The equipment is loaded with a large amount of weight and the user is almost done.
  • When “working in” allow the other person to use the equipment after each set and re-set all equipment adjustments back to where they were before you started.
  • If someone begins exercising on a piece of equipment while you are resting between sets, you should say, "I only have X number of sets left. You can 'work in' with me if you would like."
  • If you were "working in" between someone's sets, make the other person aware that someone is already sharing the equipment.
  • If while waiting in line to use the equipment, you leave to get a drink or to use the restroom, tell the person behind you that you are coming right back so they are aware you are waiting.
  • If someone sneaks ahead of you, you should say, “I just went to ____. I believe I was here before you.”
  • You cannot claim a piece of equipment by setting a towel or water bottle on the equipment or next to it.

When Using Equipment While Others Are Waiting

  • Allow others to work in between your sets.
  • Do not rest on the equipment; it is better to walk around to accelerate your recovery.
  • When using cardio equipment, please do not exceed the 60 minutes when others are waiting.
  • Wipe down all equipment following each set with the provided pre-moistened wipes then discard the wipes appropriately.

When You Are Done Using a Piece of Equipment

  • Wipe down the equipment with the pre-moistened wipes provided and discard the wipes appropriately.
  • Take all of your extra personal equipment with you including water bottles, towels, weight belts, etc....
  • Put all equipment away properly and securely. Place rack-free weights in their designated location; and return cable accessories, dumbbells, kettle bells, jump ropes and stretch cords to the appropriate rack and/or stand. Wipe down the stability and balance balls before returning them to the storage area.

When Using the Center, Avoid Excess Noise

  • Keep in mind the Wellness Center is a public place.
  • Avoid excess chatter while utilizing the exercise areas.
  • Limit cell phone use that prevents you from exercising.
  • Limit grunting and yelling during exercise. The use of profanity while exercising is not acceptable.
  • Avoid dropping weights and banging weight stacks on the machines.
  • Use cardio equipment properly.

Use Spotters for Safety

  • Ask for a spot when working intensely on higher-risk exercises such as bench presses or squats.
  • Limit the number of times you ask for a spot.
  • Only use the amount of weight you can handle.
  • Only do intense work outs occasionally.
  • Exercise to performance failure on higher-risk exercises infrequently.
  • Communicate with the spotter before you start your exercise routine.
  • Ask the individual to spot you in a specific manner if that is important to you.
  • Indicate the desired number of repetitions you would like to do.
  • Do not expect a spotter to assist beyond one assisted repetition (max rep).
  • Once you complete an assisted repetition, rack the weight.

Abstain From Telling Other Guests How To Use the Equipment

  • You may discuss equipment use with others if it is your job or if someone’s life is in danger.
  • If you see someone struggling to figure out how to use a machine, feel free to ask if they would like assistance. It is best to direct them to a Wellness Center employee or student worker.

Wear Proper Attire

  • Wear workout clothes and athletic shoes in the exercise areas.
  • Clean, close-toed athletic shoes that have non-marking soles should be worn in all activity areas of the facility unless attending a mind body class (i.e. yoga, Pilates, tai chi, mediation). Tap and high heeled shoes are not permitted on any of the wood floors. Cleats are not allowed in the facility. Shower shoes are strongly recommended in the locker rooms and pool areas.

The Proper Way to Use Water Fountains

  • Drink or fill your personal water bottles with minimum splash.
  • Do not bring glass bottles in the exercise areas. 
  • If you need an ice bag, ask a Wellness staff member for assistance. Naturally, the bags are only to be filled with ice.
  • Discard used ice bags properly.
  • Avoid spitting or throwing chewing gum away in the water fountains.

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