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Wellness Center Pool

Aquatics at Spelman

Wellness aquatics offers diverse programs that provide a safe and fun water experience for individuals of all abilities. Whether you're looking to swim laps, participate in water aerobics, improve your swim stroke, or do some water jogging, the pool is open year round to WET your appetite.

Our pool is 25 yards in length and four lanes wide. A swimmer’s mile is 33 laps in the pool. The shallow end of the pool is 3.5 feet deep with the deepest end at 7.3 feet. The temperature of the pool is 84-86 degrees.

The aquatics program includes academic courses, lap/recreational swims, special events, swim lessons and water aerobics. When lifeguards are not scheduled to be on duty, you may swim at your own risk.

Pool Schedule
Below is the pool schedule for Fall 2019 thru Spring 2020 Semester.  The schedule is subject to change without notice.

Pool Schedule 2019

Aquatics Classes Offered

Aqua Divas Water Aerobics (moderate to high intensity)
If you’re a diva who loves to dance like no one is watching, this class is for you! This moderate to high-energy aqua class is taught in the shallow end of the pool. Dance and move to the latest music with an engaging instructor who have you moving and grooving to the latest hip-hop and R&B hits. No swimming experience required.

Swim Lessons
Learn to swim no matter your skill level. Our swim lessons are great for the beginner who has no swim experience what so ever to the individual who wishes to refine their swim stroke. Classes are such that if you miss a session, there is no penalty as the instructor works individually with you each time you attend. No swimming experience required.

Open/Recreation Swim

AquaticsOpen to anyone for recreational or fitness swimming. At this time, you have the opportunity to play, water walk, exercise, dive or swim laps (Two lap lanes open).

Lap Swim
A time set aside for lap swimming only. We encourage all swimmers, of any age to circle swim and work together during peak times.

Water Walking
Dedicated to those wanting to walk or do their own exercises in the lane pool.

Aquatic Rules and Regulations

Pool Guidelines for Your Health and Safety

  • Obey the lifeguard at all times!
  • For the safety and comfort of everyone using the facility, only one-piece swimsuits and /or swimsuits that cover the midriff, are permitted to be worn in the pool. Additionally, water shoes or flip flops must been worn while on the pool deck. Athletic shoes are strictly prohibited.   
  • No person is permitted to use the pool without first taking a warm-water shower with soap.
  • No person with an obvious communicable disease, skin eruption, cut sore or lesion, eye, ear, nose or throat infection is permitted to use any public swimming pool.
  • Spitting or spouting of water, blowing the nose, or any similar activity in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.
  • No running, boisterous noise or rough play, except during supervised water sports, is permitted in the pool or in the dressing rooms.
  • Diving, flips or jumping backwards into the pool is NOT permitted.
  • Hanging or swimming over the lane lines is prohibited.
  • The consumption of gum, food or drinks, with the exception of water, is NOT permitted in pool area. Glass bottles are strictly forbidden.
  • Water wings, life jackets and other swim aids are permitted.
  • Non-swimmers are strongly encouraged to remain in the shallow end of the pool. Exceptions will be made for individuals enrolled in a scheduled instructional class.
  • Pool toys may be permitted or restricted at the lifeguard's discretion.
  • Please return all items used for fitness or leisure to the lifeguard.
  • The Aquatics Center is subject to close at any time due to inclement weather and/or maintenance concerns.

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