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Faculty Inaugural Symposium

Faculty Inaugural Symposium Committee

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  • Aku Kadogo, Visiting Scholar, Drama and Dance
  • Andrea Barnwell Brownlee, C'93, Director, Spelman College Museum of Art
  • Ashante’ Reese, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology (food studies and food inequality)
  • Ayoka Chenzira, Founding Director, Digital Moving Image Salon (DMIS); Professor, Comparative Women’s Studies
  • Beverly Guy-Sheftall, C'68, Founding Director, Women’s Resource and Research Center; Professor, Comparative Women’s Studies
  • Charrisa Threat, Assistant Professor, History
  • Fatemeh Shafiei, Associate Professor, Political Science/Environmental Studies
  • Gloria Wade-Gayles, Founding Director, Spelman Independent Scholars (SIS)
  • Kathleen Phillips Lewis, Associate Professor, History
  • Kimberly Jackson, Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Chemistry (food studies, race and biomedicine)
  • Mentewab Ayalew, Associate Professor, Biology; Women and STEM
  • Mikia Frazier, C'2019, Early Childhood Education
  • Mora Beauchamp-Byrd, Visiting Professor, Art and Art History; Curatorial Studies
  • Richard Benson, Assistant Professor, Educational Studies
  • Robert Hamilton, Art and Art History
  • Shekinah Kinlow, C'2019, Economics
  • Stacey Riddick, C'2019, Biology
  • Tiana Opara, C'2019, Biology
  • Mona Taylor Phillips, C'76, Professor, Sociology and Anthropology; Coordinator, Faculty Steering Committee
  • Cynthia Neal Spence, C'78, Director, Social Justice Fellows Program; Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Spelman Class of 1887
Silhouette: Daniele Bascelli, Coordinator of Instructional Technologies

Silhouette of the C'1887