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Rosalind Gates Brewer, C'84: Letter to the Community


On behalf of the Spelman College Board of Trustees, let me extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our donors who made this campaign possible.

Our generous supporters, our dedicated faculty and staff, and our hard working volunteers all came together for one specific and shared purpose: to support our talented and deserving students in their pursuit of an outstanding liberal arts education.

I want to congratulate President Tatum and the entire campus community for their work to conceive and steward this incredible effort—from its early planning days through the public launch in 2009 and up until the final few days just last week.

To our alumnae community, your involvement with the College has soared to new heights.  As a graduate myself, I am particularly proud of the dramatically increased investment of time, talent and treasure made by my Spelman sisters during this focused campaign effort.

This is truly a historic moment for the College, and indeed an incredibly critical time for higher education as a whole. Despite the various and serious challenges facing today’s students and the institutions that support them, Spelman has been able to stay the course and exceed an ambitious and historic fundraising goal for the institution.

At the same time, this is a bittersweet moment.  For 12 years, Beverly has exhibited tremendous vision, dedicated leadership and meticulous stewardship of our beloved Spelman. 

The Board truly appreciates and highly values the significant strides made during her tenure.  Under her visionary leadership, the college expanded its campus and our capacity to house our students with the construction and renovation of two LEED –certified residence halls, conducted a robust campus-wide strategic planning process which resulted in new curricular and co-curricular offerings such as international education, the social justice fellows program and our Wellness Revolution, and is now widely recognized as one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges.

In addition, the college’s fiscal performance has remained solid due to strong budget management, disciplined debt reduction, fabulous fundraising and steady enrollment.

As she prepares to retire from Spelman in June 2015, our charge will be not to rest on our laurels. In fact, this is an optimal time to build on Spelman’s strength and innovation as a leader in higher education.  We must continue the momentum gained under Beverly’s visionary leadership.

As she moves into her final year as President, the Board will look forward to supporting the work the administration will undertake to continue to secure resources that allow our students to experience a truly global education grounded in strong learning fundamentals.

Simultaneously, the Board will be preparing for the formal search for a new president.  More details about that process will be available in early fall.

Until then, let’s celebrate this precious moment in the history of Spelman College, and join me in thanking Dr. Tatum for her service.

Rosalind Gates Brewer, C'84
Chair, Board of Trustees
Spelman College
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