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Trustee: Richard D. Legon

Richard LegonImmediate Past President
Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges
B.A. and M.P.A., George Washington University
Spelman College Board of Trustees: Elected in 2011
City of Residence: Fairfax, VA

As the former president of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), Richard Legon continues to be called on to work with college, university and foundation boards to address board responsibilities, board structure and development and fundraising effectiveness. He was instrumental in developing AGB's portfolio of services for public college and university foundations. He coordinated the development of AGB's handbook for foundation boards, and is the editor of the Association's handbook for foundation boards.

Legon works with governing as well as public system boards. He often moderates panel discussions at trustee meetings and has appeared as a panelist in programs related to boards' responsibilities. Legon authored several articles about a board's role in fundraising for Trusteeship magazine and Case Currents. In addition, he authored two booklets in AGB's Board Basics Series: Governing Board and Foundation Board Relations and The Board's Role in Fundraising. Legon was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Charleston. A former trustee of Virginia State University and the University of Charleston (West Virginia), he previously served on the board of the American Council on Education, American Rivers and the Association Mutual Health Insurance Company.

Why I Serve on the Spelman College Board of Trustees

Spelman is a very special and important higher education institution. It is a leading private institution and it's focused mission positions it as a national leader among all colleges and universities. I have worked with many institutions of higher education and I've had the honor of serving on three governing bodies of higher education. The opportunity to serve Spelman College as a member of its fiduciary body is a very special role that doesn't come to many; I am honored to be in that unique position with the chance to add value and to give back to society through the important leadership of this excellent institution.