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Alumna Trustee Candidates 2020

  • Tara L. Buckner, C’87

    Tara Buckner C87
    I am interested in continuing on the Board in the role of Alumna Trustee because it would give me an opportunity to advance the work that I have started. In that role, using my experience as an executive-level leader, planner, former educator, Spelman College alumna and parent, I actively listen as well as contribute to the discussion about ways to improve our beloved Spelman. This includes bringing the overall perspectives of alumnae to topics such as career development, facilities improvement and the impact of the “Spelman Brand.”
  • Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, C’76

    Carolyn Evans-Shabazz C75
    I always describe my years at Spelman College as an experience and not just an education. I want to serve as an Alumna Trustee to impact decisions and to continue to facilitate that experience for other women. My love for Spelman has always driven me to be a part of “All Things Spelman” and being an Alumna Trustee offers me the opportunity to bring a lifelong dream to fruition and to help navigate the ship that helped me sail.
  • Rita Benton Gibson, C‘73

    Rita Gibson C73
    My career in community revitalization and my unwavering support of Spelman College qualify me to serve as an Alumna Trustee. I am committed to ensuring that Spelman continues to thrive for many decades while many are questioning the relevance of HBCUs. I want to be an integral part of continuing the tradition and legacy of educating women of African descent to become leaders. As the West Side continues to evolve and develop, I want to be a part of this change, and ensure Spelman becomes a leader for the revitalization in the West Side community where it is located. In addition, Spelman College is the premier institution for educating and preparing young women for leadership roles in many disciplines in a global/international world. Spelman women will be prepared to find solutions to current challenges, and our graduates will be on the forefront of problem solving.
  • Carmen D. Harris, C’2002

    Carmen Harris C2002
    I want to honor the role of the Alumna Trustee by honoring what it means to be an alumna of Spelman College. For me that means you honor who you are, you serve where you are, and you give what you can and how you can to Spelman College. Simply stated, I am interested in becoming the Alumna Trustee to help the College leverage one of our greatest assets--our alumnae--in building and sustaining the financial, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of Spelman College and our current students.
  • Dr. Darnita R. Killian, C’79

    Darnita Killian C79
    This institution has educated 16 members of my family, and I have been engaged in the life of the College for more than 60 years. The position of Alumna Trustee will afford me the opportunity to engage with those entrusted to govern Spelman and to use my extensive experience in higher education administration to help the College continue to be the stellar institution it has been for generations. Spelman College is my heritage. Spelman College is my heart, and I love letting the world know of her contributions.
  • Nzinga Shaw, C’2001

    Nzinga Shaw c2001
    Spelman College equipped me with a greater sense of purpose to define and fulfill my professional and personal goals. I have been able to diversify corporate boardrooms with a meaningful seat at the table, influencing the ways that talent is managed, with a lens of fully incorporating women and people of color as assets to the business. Moreover, I have led the charge for varied philanthropic efforts directly impacting the positive trajectory of Black students.
  • Sandra Waite, C’95

    Sandra Waite C95
    Since graduating from Spelman, I have developed a number of professional and personal skills that will be of benefit to the college and to our array of external stakeholder groups. They include communications strategy, stakeholder engagement, media and investor relations, and thought leadership. All of these skills are easily transferable to the Board environment and will augment and add value to existing Board leadership.
  • Dr. Joslyn Witherspoon, C’2000

    Joslyn Witherspoon C2000
    Spelman’s mission impacted my decision to seek this position as Alumna Trustee, as well as my initial choice to attend Spelman College due to its rich history and commitment to educating women of African descent and promoting excellence in all aspects of life. I would love to work on promoting the strategic vision outlined by Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell which encompasses the four major themes of “Delivering the Spelman Promise”, “Elevating the Spelman Difference”, “Enhancing Operational Excellence” and “Promoting Academic Innovation”. I have benefited tremendously from my education at Spelman College and it would be an honor and privilege to be able to serve Spelman in this important capacity.