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Board of Trustees

Spelman College Board of Trustees

Trustee Responsibilities

The board provides strategic leadership to the College by employing its members' expertise in everything from finance and international affairs to philanthropy and science.

A trustee acts as a member of the governing board of Spelman College which is responsible for basic oversight and governance of the institution including election of the president of the College; basic educational and fiscal policy; the granting of degrees; and promotion and tenure of faculty based on the recommendation of the president. The board’s authority as a governing body is set forth in the bylaws and is not managerial or operational in nature. Individual trustees have no authority independent of the board.

Terri H. Reed, Ph.D.
Secretary of the College

Officers of the Board

Rosalind G. Brewer, C’84, Chair
Group President & Chief Operating Officer, Starbucks Corporation

Kathy N. Waller, Board Secretary
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and President Enabling Services,  The Coca-Cola Company
Ronda E. Stryker, Vice Chair
Director, Stryker Corporation

Board of Trustees

Walter R. Allen, Ph.D.
Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Claire “Yum” Arnold
Co-Founder & CEO, Leapfrog Services 

Theodore R. Aronson
Founder and Managing Principal, AJO 

Gena Hudgins Ashe, C'83
Former Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary, Adtalem Global Education

Mary Brock
Co-Owner, WNBA Atlanta Dream
Janine Brown
Partner-in-Charge, Alston & Bird LLP

Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D.
President, Spelman College

Bonnie Carter, C'89
Child Advocate, Community Volunteer,
Angel Investor

Thomas H. Castro
President & CEO, El Dorado Capital, LLC

Mary Lynne Diggs, C'77
Head Start Collaboration Director, South Carolina Department of Social Services

Susan Dunn
Retired elementary school teacher, volunteer and philanthropic supporter

Kaye Foster
Senior Adviser, The Boston Consulting Group

Cynthia E. Jackson, C'81
President/CEO, Workforce Loyalty, LLC

* Leave of Absence
Pamela A. Joseph
President and Chief Operating Officer, TSYS

Mark E. Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology, Spelman College

Richard D. Legon
President, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB)

Nia E. Malone, C'2020
Student Trustee

Gwendolyn Adams Norton
Former Senior Vice President, Wachovia Bank

Helen Smith Price, C'79
Vice President, Global Community Affairs and President,
The Coca-Cola Company Foundation

Dr. Loren K. Robinson, C'2003
Deputy Secretary for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, Pennsylvania, Department of Health

Lovette Twyman Russell, C’83*
Community Advocate and Volunteer

Suzanne F. Shank
Chairwoman, CEO and Founding Owner, Siebert Cisneros Shank & Co., LLC

Colleen J. Taylor, C’90
Executive Vice President, New Payments, Mastercard

Kathy N. Waller
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and President, Enabling Services, The Coca-Cola Company


Tara L. Buckner, C’87, National Alumnae Association Spelman College President 
Nia Page, C’2020, Spelman Student Government Association President 
Pushpa N. Parekh, Ph.D., Faculty Council President 

Life Trustees

Peggy Dulany, Ed.D.
Marian Wright Edelman, Esq., C’60
Russell Edgerton, Ph.D.
Robert Holland, Jr.
June Gary Hopps, Ph.D., C’60
Yvonne Jackson, C'70 
Elizabeth McCormack, Ph.D.
G.G. Michelson
Vicki Palmer