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Amani Holder Study Abroad

What Are You Doing This Summer?


Now that the academic year is over, finals are done and grades are in, what do you plan to do this summer? Will you be working? Traveling abroad? Taking classes? Participating in an internship? Practicing for the MCAT or LSAT? Engaging in an arts-intensive summer immersion program? Working on your entrepreneurial endeavor? Serving the community? Or reading and resting?

There's no doubt that Spelman women all over the country are engaging in life-enhancing, résumé-building activities that will lead to long-term success. We want to hear all about your summer activities. Drop us a few lines with the Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? and we may feature your exciting summer activities on, in the Spelman Connection or on our social media channels.

Please submit your information to us using the form below, and remember to use #SpelmanSummer in your social media posts so we can stay connected all summer!

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