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Promote Faculty 2021: Danielle Dickens

October 2021

danielle-dickensDanielle Dickens, Ph.D., C'2009, associate professor of psychology, has been recognized for her innovative teaching practice and work inside and outside of the classroom.

Dr. Dickens' research interests include intersectionality of social identities; underrepresentation in STEM; benefits and costs of identity shifting among Black women; psychology of stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and intergroup processes; academic and career development of Black women; the psychosocial influences on health behaviors among underrepresented groups; and mixed methodology: qualitative and quantitative research.

She has four peer-reviewed journal articles and is the first author on them all. One article was co-authored with a student, and one was co-authored with a post-doctoral author. She has published two book chapters in edited collections, and one book review.


Dr. Dickens has been recognized with two major awards: the 2020 Foremothers Mentorship Early Career Award and the 2019 Mary Roth Walsh Teaching the Psychology of Women Award.

Dr. Dickens has been successful in receiving six grants from major grantors such as the National Science Foundation, UNCF/Lilly and the American Psychological Foundation 

What Others Have to say About the Impact of Dr. Dickens' Work

Start of QuoteDr. Dickens’ scholarship and grants are of national importance that contribute to transformative education and workforce development.End of Quote


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