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Spelman Alumna Stacey Abrams Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

February 2021

Spelman Alumna Stacey AbramsStacey Abrams, C'95, is among the list of distinguished pro-democracy and civil rights activists nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Committed to promoting nonviolent change via the ballot box, Abrams was nominated for playing a major role in shifting the political landscape in the state of Georgia through her organization Fair Fight Action. Her work has become the blueprint for similar efforts in states across the south.

“When you’re trying to not only harness demographic changes but leverage low-propensity voters, you cannot simply hope that they’ll hear the message. You have to treat them as persuasion voters,” Abrams told POLITICO shortly before Election Day. “Only the message is not trying to persuade them to share Democratic values. Your message is to persuade them that voting can actually yield change.”

Spelman's Stacey Abrams is a Nobel Peace Prize NomineeEstablished in 1895, the Nobel Peace Prize is the first of five Nobel Prizes created by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor and philanthropist. Since 1901, the Peace Prize has been awarded 101 times to 135 Nobel Laureates, including the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and former President Barack Obama.

This year, along with Abrams, the U.S. Black Lives Matter movement, the World Health Organization, environmental activist Greta Thunberg and U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee are also among the list of nominees.

Spelman faculty and students celebrate Abrams for her nomination.

“Stacey Abrams' tireless commitment to the creation of a fair and just society is being appropriately recognized through her nomination as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Cynthia Neal Spence, Ph.D., C’78, associate professor of Sociology and director of Spelman’s Social Justice Fellows Program.

Read What the Spelman Community is Saying about Stacey

cynthia neal spenceCynthia Neal Spence, Ph.D., C’78, Associate Professor of Sociology, Director of Spelman’s Social Justice Fellows Program
The Nobel Peace Prize recognizes those whose work is "for the greatest benefit of humankind." Stacey's fight against voter suppression in Georgia and throughout the nation was indeed for the greatest benefit of humankind. Her commitment to voter education, advocacy and equity is emblematic of her passion and commitment to live out the ideals of what it means to live in a democratic society. How proud the Spelman College family is that her steadfast vision is being recognized and was actualized in the registering of nearly one million new voters. Stacey Abrams's tireless commitment to the creation of a fair and just society is being appropriately recognized through her nomination as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Spelman Professor Marilyn DavisMarilyn A. Davis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
I am thrilled to know that Stacy Abrams is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee! She is morally and ethically committed to racial, social and economic justice. Attorney Abrams is most worthy of the nomination as she has always worked to insure fair and equal treatment for all people. Her life is devoted to professional excellence, service, and uncompromising leadership. I commend Attorney Abrams on this marvelous achievement! All the best from your former Racism and the Law teacher.

Skylr SmithSkylr Smith, C’2021, Political Science Major and SSGA Vice President
When they say, ‘Spelman women are everywhere,’ it is the full truth. I expect nothing less from the Spelman women who came before me. It makes me proud that I chose my beloved institution four years ago. 



Kayla SmithKayla Smith, C’2021, 2021 Charles B. Rangel Graduate Fellow, Spelman Social Justice Fellow, Founder & Director of Spelman College’s The Blue Record Podcast
Stacey Abrams’ is a visionary who is the epitome of undaunted grace. What I admire most about Stacey is she moves with intentional ease. She gives herself grace to take risks, fail, and, most importantly, to radically imagine a better tomorrow. Like me, she is a global change agent committed to leading with humanity at the forefront. As the first HBCU Black southern woman, and Spelman woman, to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, I am immensely proud and inspired by her journey. Stacey’s success is a reminder to the world that Spelman College produces tenacious Black women committed to changing the world. As a young Black southern woman, myself, with aspirations to serve as a US Ambassador, I hope to meet and serve this nation with Stacey Abrams one day, maybe even become her mentee.

Nia DumasNia Dumas, C’2022, Political Science Major, SSGA Director of Leadership and Civic Engagement 
Hard work. Determination. Perseverance. Stacey Abrams embodies what it means to be a Spelman woman and leader. From the time we enter through the gates of Spelman College as freshman, we are taught to be change makers and it is emphasized that it is “our choice, and we choose to change to world.” By tirelessly helping to change the face of voter protection rights for all citizens in the state of Georgia, and ultimately, electing the change makers Georgia needed in this controversial election season, Ms. Abrams serves as an example to all people around that world that when people come together to organize, encourage and uplift one another, we can do anything. We are extremely proud that Ms. Abrams is being recognized for her hard work to strengthen our democracy. She is extremely deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize nomination and award. 

Fana HaileSelassieFana R. HaileSelassie, C’2021, SSGA President, 2021 Charles B. Rangel Graduate Fellow
Stacey Abrams and her work fighting against voter suppression represent a legacy of social justice specific to Spelman, while her leadership in grassroots campaigns grants us hope towards what can be accomplished when America listens to Black women.

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