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Stacey Abrams Inspires Spelman College Students to Rock the Vote

January 2021

Spelman Alumna Stacey AbramsSpelman alumna Stacey Abrams, C'95, has been credited with a great deal of successful milestones throughout her life. Now, the former Democratic gubernatorial hopeful is not only credited for the seismic shift in Georgia politics where she helped, through her voting rights organization Fair Fight, to register 800,000 new voters, but she is also hugely responsible for inspiring her Spelman sisters to change the world by casting a vote.

Spelman Students Rally Their Peers To VOTE


Spelman student Deja Mason inspires peers to vote

Deja Mason

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Spelman junior Deja Mason took time during from her remote learning experience to devote time and energy to the New Voters Project, a non-partisan program committed to encouraging young voter turnout. In the "Business Insider" article, "Following in Stacey Abrams's footsteps, these Spelman College students are rallying young people to vote in Georgia Senate runoffs," by Inyoung Choi, Mason said she spent the semester ensuring that her classmates had a "vote plan."

Spelman student Nia Dumas inspires peers to vote

Nia Dumas

Junior political science major Nia Dumas leads Spelman's chapter of Fair Fight and is committed to following in Abrams footsteps to fight voter suppression. Her quote in Business Insider sums up the need and influence young voters have."
"I think young voters understand that if we don't decide for ourselves, someone else will decide for us," Dumas said. "The policies and the legislation and things that are going into action now — if they don't affect us now, they will affect us in the years to come."

Spelman student Aiyana Edwards inspires peers to vote Aiyana Edwards

Inspired by Abrams move to create her own political organization, Spelman sophomore Aiyana Edwards worked with student advocacy organization RISE and encouraged young people to go online and make a plan to vote. She also worked  with the Election Protection Coalition as a poll monitor during the November election.

Start of Quote

There is so much weighing on us," Mason is quoted as saying in the Business Insider article, "but using your vote and making sure your voice is End of Quoteheard is extremely significant.


From Stacey Abrams ...

Hello, my fellow Spelman sisters,

I graduated from Spelma College in 1995 – 25 years ago – but I first stepped on campus in 1991. I was 17 and ready to change the world, and I knew Spelman would be a part of it. When I was 17, I set up my first voter registration table helping to sign up people to vote long before I was old enough to do so. By December, I’d made it, and when I turned 18, I registered to vote. In 1992, I helped set the course of America – I was one small voice, but I was part of a mighty wave of young people from around the country who were tired of war, tired of poverty, tired of being left behind.

Not everything changed that election, and we’re still fighting some of the same battles, but we’ve made progress. And if we want to make even more progress, if we want to lift up the names of Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain and George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery -- if we want to talk about the legacy that we can leave, it begins by casting a vote.

Start of Quote  I know that voting sometimes seems like a weak solution to massive problems, and it isn’t a wholesale solution that will change everything, but it End of Quotechanges something, and that’s what you’re going to learn at Spelman – that each of us is part of the chain of change.

We can protest in the streets and protest at the ballot boxes, and in between we can do our part to lift up the voices of those who don’t even know they are permitted to speak; to be seen for those who are too often shoved into the shadows; and to be part of a future that we can all embrace.

I’m proud of who you are. I’m proud that you have chosen to become Spelman women. And together, with your voices lifted in November and with your engagement every day before and after, together, we will change the world.

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