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A Star Shines at Spelman: Aubriana Davis is Charting Her Course

February 2020

Spelman Student Aubriana Davis Shines on ScreenFirst-year Spelman student Aubriana Davis, C'2023, has been acting, singing and dancing since she was a little girl living in Albany, Georgia. Known as a "triple threat," it was not until she moved to Atlanta, at the age of 7 and introduced to the many facets of acting, that she began to fall even more in love with it. 

At the age of 11, Davis appeared in her first film, "Jason Banks" (2011), and from there she landed her first lead role in a musical production of "High School Musical Jr" (2013) without any prior professional training.

A lover of theater, Davis went on to perform lead roles in several musicals, including "A Midnight's Summer Dream" (2013), "Beneath the Surface" (2016), "Fame" (2017), and "Cinderella" (2017).

On camera, Davis has had roles in Georgia Public Broadcasting's educational series "Chemistry Matters" (2016), Lifetime's "The Rap Game" (2016), and a short film called "Test Prep" (2017).

aubriana davis She has also been featured on the television show "Atlanta and Company" (2016) and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta "Tower of Talent" (2016). 

In addition to the many roles she's accomplished, Davis also appeared in the American biographical drama film, "Richard Jewell" (2019).
In addition to the many roles she's accomplished, Davis hit the big screen with Director, Clint Eastwood in the American biographical drama film, "Richard Jewell" (2019) and is currently in a recurring role in the National Geographic series, "Genius: Aretha." "I am in constant awe and appreciation to be able to say, at 19 years old, I have been blessed to work with Clint Eastwood, Barry Jenkins, and am currently a part of a television production, documenting the life of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin" says Davis. She joins Spelman associate professor of theater and performance and award-winning actor Keith Arthur Bolden, MFA, in the film which is scheduled to air Memorial Day Weekend, 2020.

"‘What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?’… this is the mantra I live by daily." said Davis. "My answer is to pursue my passion of being a working actress and I am honored that I can say I am doing that now all while obtaining an incredible education at Spelman College!"

Bolden praised Aubriana for being "an amazingly well adjusted student, who is focused and talented and has an amazing support system in her mother, Alma. [Aubriana and her mother] never hesitate to contact me for advice or mentorship. You do not typically find that in young people these days. She is poised to have an amazing career."

Start of Quote‘How do I do it?’...1) seek God in all I do, 2) stay FOCUSED 3) always keep people who have my best interest at heart around me and lastly 4) I alwaysEnd of Quote  learn from them, to become the person that I am today and remember that I had to go through experiences (both good and bad).

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