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Spelman Professors Publish "Unsung Legacies of Educators" With Student Co-authors

March 2019

Spelman Educators Publish Book Andrea Lewis, Ph.D., associate professor and Education Department chair, and Nicole Taylor, Ph.D., associate professor of education, are the co-editors of a new book, "Unsung Legacies of Educators and Events in African American Education."  The book describes the contributions of twenty-two educators and events that have shaped the field of education, often receiving little to no public recognition, including: Edmonia Godelle Highgate, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Selena Sloan Butler, Alonzo Aristotle Crim, Sabbath Schools, and African American Boarding Schools.

"Unsung Legacies of Educators and Events in African American Education" represents the heart, courage, and tenacity of education in the African American community," said Dr. Lewis. Throughout the generations, education has been a source a pride, means for advancement, and avenue for civil rights."

"We hope this publication will encourage current and future teachers as they educate our future while honoring our past."

Published by Palgrave Macmillan, "Unsung" presents culturally relevant teachers and positive African American role models in diverse schools across the country. Additionally, "Unsung" highlights five cases that led to the historic Brown vs. Board of Education, with critical analysis of their role in contributing to the growth and development of education in the African American community; and it explores the accomplishments and historical significance of Sabbath schools, HBCU Laboratory Schools, and African American boarding schools.

Student, Recent Alumnae and Faculty Co-Authors

Although it is a rare opportunity at the undergraduate level, each chapter of "Unsung" is co-authored by a current or former student in the Spelman College Education Department.

  • Christal Walker, C'2014, Psychology 
  • Seana Deas, C'2017, Early Childhood Education 
  • Jaela Stayton, C'2017, Early Childhood Education
  • Jordyn Booth, C'2018, Early Childhood Education
  • Meredith Brown, C'2018, Political Science - Secondary Education
  • Cydni Burton, C'2018, Education Studies     
  • Nu'Nauvia Peacock, C'2018, Education Studies 
  • Sydney Phillips, C'2018, Early Childhood Education   
  • Phelina Robinson, C'2018, Education Studies   
  • Kyran Brooks, C'2019, Early Childhood Education   
  • Mikia Frazier, C'2019, Early Childhood Education    
  • Najhala Hall, C'2019, Early Childhood Education 
  • Kaylah Holmes, C'2019, Early Childhood Education    
  • Miracle Harris, C'2019, Early Childhood Education,   
  • JonBonaé Shipman, C'2019, Education Studies
  • Kiara Thorpe, C'2019, English - secondary education  
  • Chloe White, C'2019, Education Studies
  • Tierra Wright, C'2019, Early Childhood Education 
  • Nia Bester, C'2020, Early Childhood Education   
  • Kamaria Excell, C'2020, Comparative Women's Studies
  • Jade Lockard, C'2020, Education Studies
  • Chateé Omísadé Richardson, Ph.D. (Spelman Education Department faculty) 
  • L. Nzingha Samuel (former Spelman Education Department faculty)

Book by Spelman Professors Lewis and TaylorEmbracing Spelman's Strategic Vision

The publication supports three pillars of the Spelman 2022 strategic plan by accomplishing the following:

  • Delivering the Spelman Promise - Participating Spelman students are graduating with a competitive edge as published authors
  • Elevating the Spelman difference - The experience for both faculty and students was grounded in education excellence and teaching and learning expertise as the students were mentored by Drs. Lewis and Taylor through the research, writing and publishing process.
  • Promoting Academic Innovation - The publication supports scholarly excellence

As educators, we encounter mountains to climb and conquer everyday. "Unsung Legacies of Educators and Events in African American Education" takes a timely journey through some of the unseen yet notable lives and events of African Americans in education, in order to encourage educators in their own journeys," said Dr. Taylor.

"We hope that readers will gain wisdom from the mountains of those who have come before them, as they continue to climb as high as they can."

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