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Kendall Daniels Represents Spelman at #HBCUInnovation Summit

November 2017

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAnsAAAAJGQ2NTExOTNmLWQ4ODMtNDUzZi05YjI4LTBlNzNiZTBmMzJhYwKendall Daniels, a sophomore computer science major from Fairfield, California, dreams of opening her own data visualization consulting firm. As a creative and lover of art, she plans to work with clients to create their ideal data images by manipulating colors, shapes and “traditional” visuals.

Motivated by computer games, game consoles, and computer applications, Daniels' passion for technology blossomed at a very early age. She is ardently pursuing computer science because of its nonconforming nature and believes it is a unique career field that can be combined with all of her interests. 

As a Spelman representative for UNCF's #HBCUInnovation Summit, held Oct. 25-29 in Silicon Valley, Daniels was one 100 computer science, engineering, information sciences and technology students from 40 participating HBCUs who were joined by 28 CSe faculty. She said, "the experience was the perfect opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal view of major tech corporations."

In addition to interacting with her peers from institutions from across the United States, she learned more about each company’s individual characteristics and the reason behind their success. Interacting with employees from YouTube, NetApp, Pure Storage, Adobe, Walmart Labs, eBay, Veritas, Workday, Yelp, Salesforce, Twitter and Uber was an eye-opening and rewarding opportunity said Daniels.

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