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Senior Chelsea Osademe Shares her Research Experience

May 2017

Chelsea OsademeEnglish major Chelsea Osademe, C'2017, loves research and attributes her success at Spelman to the various research opportunities she has been afforded.

This past summer, the Pine Bluff, Arkansas native participated in the Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (MURAP) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Osademe believes the experience was invaluable and furthered her love and passion for research. A Senior Resident Assistant, and a member of the English Club and Senior Class Council, Osademe continues to present her research at various conferences.

Osademe shares more about her experience, her road to maturity at Spelman, and her journey to graduation.

In Her Own Words . . .

What is something valuable you gained from undergraduate research and why is it important for students to conduct and present their research?

My various undergraduate research experiences have taught me a tremendous amount about myself, as well as the different subjects I have chosen to research. Particularly, I learned that discipline, care and confidence are crucial and unique traits needed in the research field.

Spelman undergraduate researchMy ability to discipline myself, care for my research, and develop confidence in myself and the causes I choose to fight for, have taken me a long way. I believe it is important for students to consider research because it sets them apart from those who have not done research at the undergraduate level. It also gives them an opportunity to get their feet wet in the field of their choice. Conducting research has been my voice of reason and the way I chose to advocate for the many injustices I see and experience on a daily basis as an African-American woman

Name a Spelman faculty member who has been important to your growth?

Every faculty member I have come in contact with has aided my growth because they have all played a huge role in cultivating my Spelman experience. However, if I had to choose, I would say Donna Akiba Harper, Ph.D., and Michelle S. Hite, Ph.D. have played a pivotal role in my development and have been the most nurturing because they have encouraged and supported me through every endeavor.

What do you hope to accomplish before graduating from Spelman? 

Before graduating Spelman, I hope to be accepted into graduate school and use my various leadership roles on campus to leave a lasting legacy.

What do you do daily to incorporate changing the world into your actions?

I read and write daily. I consider myself a scholar and a writer. It is through my desire to stay informed, inform others, and document my experiences and feelings through the essays and poetry I write that I attempt to change the world. As a researcher, I pride myself on being meticulous with every topic I chose to research. I also aim to be intentional with every word that I chose to write and incorporate in my work.

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