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Jolawn Victor Bridges Gap Between Technology & Business

January 2017

jolawn Jolawn Victor-Richardson, C'2004, is an entrepreneurial strategist obsessed with designing and bringing world class consumer products to life from end-to-end. She confesses that she is still a part of the STEM community, largely because of the physics degree she received from Spelman College.

While at Spelman, she participated in the Spelman Program in Physical Sciences. She says the program afforded her the opportunity to create a strong bond  with other physics, chemistry and dual-degree majors and enjoy a community of support. Being surrounded by like-minded majors was the glue that she needed to graduate from Spelman and Georgia Tech's dual-degree program with a physics/electrical engineering bachelor of science degree in 2004.

Leveraging Technology to Solve Customer Problems of Tomorrow

Victor-Richardson combined her technical background with an MBA from New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business and is now the principal product manager for Intuit. In this role, she works with engineers, developers and designers to create mobile solutions in fintech. This rare combination helps her remain a powerhouse integrator; bridging gaps between the technical and business world to develop insightful products that delight the customer and grow the business.

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