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Candace Harris Loves Every Aspect of Physics

January 2017

Candace Harris Physics MajorCandace Harris, C’2009, loves physics. The California native earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Spelman and continued her education by completing a master of science degree in experimental nuclear physics at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in plasma physics at Florida A&M where she also serves as a graduate assistant. 

While at the University of Massachusetts, Harris conducted research with the PRIMEX Collaboration as well as the Charged Pion Polarizabilties experiment that is still underway at Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory. She also was a Northeast Alliance for the Graduate Education and Professoriate Fellow, a grant funded by the National Science Foundation.

With a broad background in physics and engineering that includes electromagnetism, electronics, mechanics, optics, quantum physics, statistical and thermal physics, nuclear and particle physics, engineering graphics, and computer sciences, Harris recently published her first article, “Characterization of laser-induced plasma associated with energetic laser cleaning metal particles on fused silica surfaces” in the journal, Optics Letters, Nov. 15, 2015, Vol. 40, No. 22.  

In addition to her educational accomplishments, Harris is an avid singer who not only inspired faculty, staff, and students during her tenure at Spelman, but continues to use her voice to serve the community by uplifting others.