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Chelsea Huston Believes Math's Magic Has the Power to Change Lives

November 2016

Spelman math major Chesea HustonChelsea Huston is a class of 2017 mathematics major at Spelman College who has big plans to impact the community, inspire others and solve real-world problems.

1. What inspired you to major in mathematics? The challenge that math presented is what initially enticed me to declare mathematics as my major. I continued as a math major because math is so magical. You can solve many real-world problems using basic skills that are fundamental to the subject!

2. What are your short-term and long-term career goals? How do you plan to use your skills to impact change in your chosen field? 
Short-Term: Graduate this May with a strong GPA and lucrative job offer.
Long-Term:  Own my own consulting firm.

3. Please describe any internship, research or study abroad experiences you have had while at Spelman. How (if at all) did these experiences further convince you to pursue your chosen career? I have done undergraduate research at Georgia Tech and Morgan State University. I was also a teaching assistant at Spelman College. These experiences have helped me develop my problem-solving skills, and strengthened my ability to perform analysis on large sets of data.

4. What resonates with you most about the film "Hidden Figures?"
The fact that people doubted the abilities of black women mathematicians. We proved them wrong and then some!

5. What person has had the biggest influence upon you as it relates to your interest in mathematics? 
Dr. Yewande Olubummo, she is brilliant and has been a great support system since I've met her!

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