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Dorian Brown Crosby, Ph. D. Discusses Racism and College Cost

November 2016

Spelman Professor Dorian Brown CrosbyRacism, the rising cost of a college education and police-community relations are among the major issues on the minds of African-American students at historically Black colleges and universities, according to a recent online 2016 presidential election survey by Dorian Brown Crosby, Ph.D., C’91, assistant professor of political science at Spelman.

While the HBCU student survey found that most respondents were not excited about this year’s presidential candidate choices, 87 percent said they would vote because people fought and died for them to have the right to do so.

“From a political perspective, many pre-election conversations and attitudes among African Americans carried disdain for both candidates, which had many African Americans either opting not to vote, or to vote for third-party candidates,” said Dr. Crosby.

“African Americans were just not as excited, hopeful and trusting of Hillary Clinton as they were of President Obama.” The study analyzed the responses of 122 students from five HBCUs, including men, women and LGBTQ individuals representing every region of the nation and most of whom identified as Democrats. Read the full report on the survey results.

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