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Ariana Brazier, C'2016, In Her Own Words

February 2015

Ariana Brazier In her own words...

My passion for children in disadvantaged situations has grown into fervor for transforming the lives of individuals and families through my work at the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless on Peachtree and Pine Street. There, I not only conducted new persons’ intakes, but also wrote and signed numerous letters that either verified the individual’s homelessness or referred the individual to outside agencies that could provide further assistance. Other daily tasks consist of serving food to female clients when requested, assisted in resume building, job application processes, and directing the female clients in their nightly tasks such as conducting roll call, laying out matts for sleeping, organizing the shower lists, and countless other duties.

In addition to gaining countless relationships with staff and clients whom I consider family, I gained a new understanding of homelessness and the unseen operations of homeless shelters and nonprofit agencies who service the homeless community. Providing shelter to a person in need is not as simple as making a roof and bed available to the person in need, nor is every person’s struggle with homelessness the same. Although the Task Force is a men’s overflow shelter, I have been given the opportunity to observe and develop a basic understanding of the operations of various homeless shelters serving diverse demographics and issues.

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