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Spelman Ranked No. 6 Among Nation’s Top Colleges for Black Students by Essence and Money Magazines

ATLANTA (April 13, 2016) -- Essence and Money magazines ranked Spelman College No. 6 on their 2016 list of the nation’s “50 Best Colleges for African Americans,” and the No. 2 historically Black college and university in the country.

The rankings, released April 12, were based on student and faculty interviews as well as data analysis of more than 1,500 colleges to determine the institutions that offer Black students the best combination of affordability, graduation rates, earnings potential and campus diversity.

Drawing on federal data compiled by Money for its annual Best College rankings, the study also incorporated Essence’s criteria to assess the racial climate on each campus. Other factors included net college costs after financial aid, student debt load, graduation rates and early career earnings of graduates.

In the rankings, Spelman was noted for its reputation as one of the best colleges for Black women and for producing as many Black women founders of tech start-ups as universities like Stanford University.

“As a student interested in technology, I often hear that there are not enough African Americans interested in computer science,” said mathematics major Mya Havard, C’2017. “At Spelman, where there is an all Black computer science faculty, an Innovation Lab, hackathon teams, and a robotics team, I never feel discouraged to pursue a degree in a field where society says I might not belong.”

Essence and Money also incorporated into the rankings the voices of both students and faculty who spoke about their lived experiences at their respective college or university.

Trisha Barton, C’2016, said one of her more meaningful experiences as a student has been the opportunity to collaborate with her Atlanta University Center peers. “As students, sisters, and agents of change, we work together to support each other’s dreams to make a better life. Some of my best memories and lessons have been shared with my Spelman sisters and other AUC students, who add to the rich culture and legacy of matriculation as a scholar, leader and civic member.”


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