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Healthcare Summit

Spelman College Healthcare Summit Speakers

Ashley Alero Umukoro, C’2010, MPH

Ashley Alero Umukoro
Panelist: The Politics of Environmental Sustainability and its Impact on Global Health

Ashley Alero Umukoro is a results-driven leader with proven success in implementing process improvement strategies and coordinated project management. An engaging leader with strong analytical skills, she takes a pragmatic approach to problem solving in the healthcare industry.

Currently, Umukora is the administrative director at Wakefield Ambulatory Care Center, a division of Montefiore. Focusing on increasing employee engagement and patient satisfaction, she is dedicated to quality healthcare administration. In this role, she is responsible for a team of 50 personnel including nurses, front desk staff, health educators, nutritionists, social workers, providers and medical directors. Previously, she was the director of pediatrics at Urban Health Plan in the Bronx and the vice president of administration at Citicare Inc. in Harlem.

At her core, Umukoro believes in public service. A direct result of her education and experience, she has a unique perspective of the healthcare paradigm. It’s with this perspective that she is able to navigate the social complexities that impact access to equitable and effective healthcare.

Umukoro specializes in creating access to healthcare in low resource demographics without compromising quality. She focuses her work on innovative and scalable ways to correct social injustices in the field by implementing concrete population health solutions through healthcare administration and management.

Umukoro graduated in 2010 from Spelman College with a degree in psychology and received her MPH with a concentration in global health from New York University in 2018. Her capstone research, “A Case for Investing in Ambulatory Surgery:  Report on Epidemiology, Quantitative & Qualitative Bottleneck Analysis, and Achievable Intervention Coverage in Uganda” focused on employing innovation to reduce inequity. She aims to shift narratives around health and healthcare in communities of color. She invests her time and expertise in population health solutions that advance health equity and reduce health disparities for the most vulnerable of patients.