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Healthcare Summit

Spelman College Healthcare Summit Speakers

Mark Maloney, Ph.D.

Mark Maloney
Panelist: The Role of Big Data in the Biomedical Sciences

Mark Maloney is currently chair and professor of biology at Spelman College. In his 25 years at Spelman, he has taught bioinformatics, molecular genomics and proteomics, cell biology, organismal biology, immunology, microbiology and parasitology. 

Maloney introduced the first course in bioinformatics at Spelman College in 2005. He has also introduced data science-related modules into cell biology, immunology and a health disparities science course for non-majors and is first author on an article related to introducing bioinformatics into the undergraduate curriculum. As chair of the biology department, he continues to champion the incorporation of modern computational approaches into the curriculum. His research focuses on differential gene expression in B cell development and comparison of relevant protein functions and structures. He received his PhD in zoology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and performed post-doctoral research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.