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Healthcare Summit

Spelman College Healthcare Summit Speakers

Lisa D. Cook, C’86, Ph.D.

Lisa Cook
Panelist: The National Economy and its Impact on Healthcare Management in the U.S.

Lisa D. Cook is an associate professor in the Department of Economics and in International Relations at Michigan State University. As the first Marshall Scholar from Spelman College, she received a second B.A. from Oxford University in philosophy, politics and economics. Cook earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley. Among her current research interests are economic growth and development, financial institutions and markets, innovation and economic history. She was a National Fellow at Stanford University and served in the White House as a senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers under President Barack Obama. She served as president of the National Economic Association and currently serves as director of the American Economic Association Summer Training Program. She is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer.

She was recently elected a trustee of the Economic History Association and serves on the board of editors of the Journal of Economic Literature. Her publications have appeared in other peer-reviewed journals, including the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Growth, Explorations in Economic History, and the Business History Review, as well as in a number of books. She is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, the advisory board of the Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the advisory board of the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the Smithsonian Institution, and the board of directors of the Roosevelt Institute. She received the Impactful Mentor Award for mentoring graduate students from the AEA Mentoring Pipeline program in 2019.

Prior to this academic appointment and while on faculty at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, she was also deputy director for Africa Research and Programs at the Center for International Development at Harvard University, was managing editor of the Harvard University-World Economic Forum Africa Competitiveness Report, and contributed to the Making Markets Work program at Harvard Business School. She has advised the governments of Nigeria and Rwanda, and, as a Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow, she was senior adviser on Finance and Development at the Treasury Department from 2000 to 2001.