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Maya Angelou

Spelman Celebrates the Life and
Legacy of Maya Angelou

Members of the Class of 1992 say that Angelou also made a tremendous impact upon them with her message, "Look where He's brought us from."


View the video of Maya Angelou Introducing Hillary Clinton in Sisters Chapel at Spelman College in October 1991

Reflections From the Class 1992

Melanie White, C '92

Twenty-two years ago today, I received my degree from Spelman College. More importantly, I (we) received some wisdom from Dr. Maya Angelou that has carried me around the world.

Paraphrased: "Wherever you go in this world you will never be alone. You carry with you the hopes and prayers of the ancestors. There will be days in this life when you feel alone, but know that the ancestors are with you. When you go for that job interview remember that you are carrying the ancestors with you. Everyone who has ever cared for and prayed for you goes with you when you are alone. Some of those people will never get to have your experiences or go in those boardrooms, but you carry them with you. You are the manifestation of an impossible dream - through middle passage, slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, segregation, civil rights - they believed that it was possible. My sister(s) you will never be alone because we all go with you."— Maya Angelou at Atlanta Civic Center.

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