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Spelman College Graduates with President Beverly Daniel Tatum

Procurement Services

Mission Statement

Procurement Services of Spelman College serves and supports the overall interest of the College by providing a variety of goods and services responsive to the needs and challenges of our students, faculty, and staff while observing all rules, regulations and procedures set forth by the College.  We are committed to providing reliable, cost effective, timely, innovative, and quality service, with flexibility, courtesy, and professionalism.  In addition, we aim to foster mutual success among our customers, both internal and external.

Goals & Objectives

  • Develops necessary records to determine the College's requirements for supplies, services and equipment. We provide user departments with current information on new products and services, alternative materials and costs saving.
  • Prepares, in cooperation with user departments, quality and quantity specifications for the procurement of goods and services.
  • Ensures that purchase orders and contracts contain all appropriate guarantees, warranties, shipping instructions, credit terms, and discounts.
  • Maintains adequate records and files of requisitions, purchase orders, vendor catalogs, production information and other related information
  • To conduct procurement in a business-like manner using the most efficient procedures, records and reports.
  • To attract and develop a group of responsible bidders able to offer the best prices consistent with quality, delivery, and service.
  • To obtain the highest quality products, services, and supplies.
  • To maintain fairness and integrity in the acquisition of products, and adherence to governing College policies and applicable government regulations.
  • To obtain competition, subject to the requirements of performance, (meaning "delivery, responsibility, or responsiveness"), or require source justification from other Colleges or Universities as a reference.
  • To obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended.

To read more information refer to the Policies, Procedure and Guidelines Manual on the Spelman Portal or the Spelman Dashboard.