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Spelman College Graduates with President Beverly Daniel Tatum

How to Become a Vendor for Spelman

Spelman College currently has thousands of vendors who are in our database. There are some who have been awarded the preferred vendor” status at the College. To comply with the College standards to become a vendor of the College, you must complete an online vendor profile. This profile is a report card on who a vendor is and their acceptance of our Conflict of Interest statement, Trademark statement, business classification, etc.

 It is also a requirement to submit references, which are validated before any vendor is considered. Our College’s Standards of Excellence (civility, commitment and consistency) apply to all vendors who are interested in doing business with Spelman College.

Submitting a vendor profile does not guarantee you are a vendor for Spelman College. However your data becomes part of our vendor database. For further information, please contact the department of Administrative Services at 404-270-5113.