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Spelman College Graduates with President Beverly Daniel Tatum

Spelman's Business Environment

Learn How Spelman’s Business Environment Is Organized

Spelman College operates on an on-line purchase order system.  Accordingly, all purchases for goods and services must be transacted through the purchase order process by submitting an on-line requisition. Administrative Services is the centralized department for procurement and is responsible for negotiating procurement and administering procurement policies and procedures.

Who Buys What

The College’s staff and faculty must initiate on line requisitions for products and services. The department representative is encouraged to use vendors from the Administrative Services Preferred Vendor list or they may recommend vendors.  Procurement Services however ultimately selects the vendor with whom an order will be placed.

Market My Service or Product to Spelman

The Procurement Department is not a marketing representative for any vendor.  You must determine whether your products directly or indirectly support the College's missions - education (instruction) and research. That answer determines where and how best to find who buys what.

If your product directly supports the instruction or its research, your prospective customers would probably learn about your products from trade shows, trade publications, advertising, direct contact by you or personal contacts within their specialized community. Examples of such products include state-of-the-art equipment, specialized professional consulting services, computers or computer applications, etc.

The College employs a number of people who perform professional services; however, management has articulated its desire to "out source" more business in the future. In addition, a department may need a specialist (individual or company) for a specific purpose that cannot be performed by internal personnel, e.g., development of a unique software program, a specialized executive search or market survey, etc.

Departments generate requirements for professionals with unique talent or experience and identify the individual or business needed. For those types of services, your best contact is the Procurement Services.  Requisitions routinely submitted to Procurement, with very few exceptions, include a recommended source and justification, either competitively obtained or sole source. 

All vendors must adhere to all specific requirements to conduct business and be approve as a vendor for Spelman College.  A vendor profile or adhering to the product licensing policy is an example of such requirements to be met.  For more information about how to do business with Spelman College, please contact the Office of Administrative Services at 404-270-5113.

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